SVT Focus & Civic Si comparison

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    I'd rather take a 2.0 liter that will pump out 280 hp on a small amount of boost thank you very much.

    Oh, and Vortec was NOT around before V-tec. But the two are unrelated anyway so it doesn't really matter.
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    F*&*ck the Si. The way Fords engines are set up is for low end torque
    and with the ztec svt engine this focus will take any civic si off the line. And as far as the civic type r thats available only in Japan everyone knows that but turbo charge both of them and put them on the 1/4 and then we can talk about this.
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    um, the Type-R is available EVERYWHERE other than North America.
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    Why argue with an uneducated kid?
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    i noticed that when comaring the transmissions no one mentioned that the svt has a t56 tremec 6 speed that is used in the cobra-r /viper
    honda doesnt even make a car that has as much power as these two do so the transmission cannot possibly be better.

    one for ford

    also the svt has a lot of technology on it for a low price. ex. traction control, variable valve timing, duel stage intake manifold, duel mass fly wheel, and limited slip differential. the honda only has vtec. so anyone who would hodrod these cars would clearly take the focus because it has technology that is important when making big power, and it has usable torque in a usable place, not 140@5500rpm.

    the type-r is just an rsx with the shoe design body that the civic has. it still has no torque. if you ever saw a honda race a domestic in drag races you would see how important torque is, hondas cannot get off the line in any respectable way as compared to a domestic.

    on the track, on the strip the ford beats the honda in all aspects, and it doesnt cost anymore. as for reliability , who cares, you have at least 36000 mi or 3 years, in which time most of us will have either wrecked it or sold it or traded it in, the warranty covers all repirs so reliability isnt an issue.

    besides where talking about which one is faster and that would be the svt.

    if you compared it to an type r, that would be different because one is better accelerating and one is better handling and braking, but svt does everything better than si.
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    Re: SVT Focus & Civic Si comparison

    Most deffinently I'd go witht the SVT. I've driven both and although the Si's shifter is smooth as silk the suspension snd brakes are not as inspiring as the SVT. Plus is a review of SVT Focus done by the SVT compleated the 600ft slalom at 68.2 mph. That is faster than what they tested Chevy's Mighty Z06 Vette. Now if that doesn't say something about SVT's hot little pepper I don't what does. Even though I have a honda in my drive way I'd go for the SVT focus. Here's link to the Comparo done by
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    The Si isen't really a sporty hatchback, just a normakl hatchback, it doesn't have factory modified stuff.
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    aside from the rims, and side skirt, the Type-R isn't really factory modified, it's just constructed well.
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    so now i also know that the civic has unispired handling, an overweight chasis, 132 torque (i thought 140), on top of what i allready knew about its crappy brakes, poor handling, sorry gearbox, alck of technology(compared to svt), and so-so accleration.

    sounds more like a practicl improvement over civic ex not a step down from the sporty type-r
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    Yes, the new SI will always be a disappointment to me, but the SVT will never compare to the formidable (for its class) Type-R
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    Yep the Civic Type R sucks so bad that, still, it beats the SVT Focus overall.
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    tpe-r beats the svt in acceleration only, it still has hondas tradionally bad brakes( i cant think of a honda that has short braking distance when compared to cars of equal caliber)and it still cannot beat an svt in the corners, just compare the stats. what happens at a track when handling and braking often beat sheer power.

    r vs svt is better comparison than si vs svt.

    in my previous statement i said the si sucks not the r.

    to some of us a well rounded performer is better than a drag racer nomatter how fast it is, especially considering that niether of these hatchbacks is exceptionaly fast.
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    But the Type-R is more well rounded. The brakes are really good on the Type-R and I've seen far more comparos in which the Type-R blew the SVT away in handling.
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    Re: SVT Focus & Civic Si comparison

    Here are some quotes from this site:

    "While the Civic Type R is neither as agile nor as fun to handle as Peugeot 306, it has superior brakes and more grip. Its cabin is also roomier than most hot hatches (despite of being 110mm shorter in wheelbase than the 5-door Civic), and you won't find another one with a flat floor to free up rear passenger foot room. So this is a fast hatch having no compromises to cope with."

    "Being priced at the same level as the smaller Clio RS, everybody is amazed how Honda manage to sell it so cheap. See it this way: the new Type R is no longer as racy as the old one. Its production also involves less human hands. The Recaro seats have gone. Production is up. Engine shares with Integra and to lesser extent Civic Si and Stream. Exclusivity will no longer be what Type R's owner proud of. But all these just do good to the majority of car lovers. This is UNQUESTIONABLY the BEST hot hatch now, because of its wonderful engine, gearbox, performance, comfort .... but sadly, also because the King 306 GTi has died. "
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    all you quotes are opinions of people who have driven it. i could find 100 different opinions of people who say the svt is better. show me facts of how the r handle and brakes. aka numbers, opinions are nice but numbers arent biased. they tell us exactly what we need to know. and i'll stand by my idea of the r having poor brakes because there is no honda that has good brakes, every car we have here in the states stops in longer distances than its rivals, if the r has good brakes it would be the only honda product that does. show me facts of the r capabilities.

    on a side note the website listed is more of a consumer reports type of mag not a performance evaluation. i think a tuner magazine or motortrend or caranddriver would show better statistics because their testers now how to drive them.
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    Ok, if Honda's have poor brakes then please explain why part of the reason the NSX, and Integra, and even newer Civic's always do so well in racing is because of handling and brakes? And we all know that they aren't faster than other cars because they prefer to make smaller engines that perform just as well though not better.

    And the review on the site he listed was garnered by the averaging all the reviews of countless magazines, there were no numbers because the performance figures were always different in the magazines.
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    Oh I'm really sorry. But i gotta tell u this, the so called opinions in that website are from different car magazines, eg: car and driver, autocar, car, motortrend, etc. Not just "normal" people like u and me.

    AGain the stats in that site is from different car magazines, that site gives credits to those sites.
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    that is why i metioned for you to not use race cars in the debate, race cars have completely different suspensions and brakes. for instance, you cant even drive a racing nsx or integra on the street because you will scrape the underbody on any road that is not perfectly level, also they will have the biggest vented and crossdrilled disks that will fit on the car, none of which come stock on the typical car.

    please dont show your ignorance. and now that you mention it i think the acuras lost in the points race this season in both classes.
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    there is only one civic racig in the alms this season and its not in the top 10
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    though they are credible opinions form credible sources, they are still just opinions, we have to compare with facts because everyones opinion is different.

    im not saying the r sucks, but i think it would be very comparable to the svt on a track. until you show me numbers i will continue to think that. you havent attacked the svt just me. show me proof that the r has good brakes and handling and then it will be obvious which car is faster.

    the problem with opinions is that they are misleading. i have many freinds who all have cool cars. one of them just got a jetta vr6, which i have driven. if i got in it and drove it i would swear it is faster than my grand am. but after racing the two and me winning i found i was wrong. the fact that his vw had a nice shifter and a good response with nice racing seats and looked cool too misled me to thinking it was faster than it was. just because it looks fast and sounds fast doenst mean it is fast. look at all those loosers with an si that is as fast as a minivan with auto.much of the time the people who write these statements succumb to this. that is why we have to use facts. stats dont lie.
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    Re: SVT Focus & Civic Si comparison

    OK, ur saying that opinions from professionals are invalid.

    Then let's talk about facts.

    0-60mph Top speed Fuel economy 60-0 braking distance
    Civic R 6.8sec 146mph 23/30mpg 120ft
    SVT Focus 7.5sec 135mph 21/25mpg 118ft

    And both are Euro 15999 dollars.

    Type R has 30more hp, same torque as focus. Civic is 100lb lighter.

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    thank you, finaly some facts.
    though i still see no handling stats it seems the focus is beaten in practicality and in performance. though i would like to state for the record that the 0-60n of the svt is with traction control and ive seen 7.3, but i bet the civic could go a little faster. those are probably manufacturers claims. still it seems the civic edges the focus. no wonder honda supposedly loses 1000$ every time they sell one. and it is the only honda with good brakes if the statistics are acurate. its a real shame we dont get one in the states.
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    6.8 is not the fastest for the Civic, and I bet 7.5 sec isn't the fastest for the Focus too. Just think about it, the Integra Type R with 20 more hp, but a little heavier, does the 0-60mph in 6.0 sec, so u can bet that 6.8 isn't the fastest for the Civic.

    For the handling, I can't find any video for both cars, sorry. The old Integra Type R needs 125ft to stop from 60-0mph, and now the new one, which has improved brakes, has shorter stopping distance. I found that most Honda Type Rs have great brakes, but the normal ones, aren't that good.
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    i dont know about the honda but generaly most good car companies will post a time about .5 sec slower because of how people get off the line, some do a full comando dump and some put it in the normal way just faster. i bet if the focus could get rid of traction control it could do 6.9sec. i also bet the civic could do 6.5 though i find 6.0 hard to believe for the civic or the integra. there is a certain point when you can add a lot of hp but without adding significant torqe your 0-60 wont get any better because 0-30 is all the torqe and very little hp doing work. that is why hondas dont get as good of 0-60 as they could. if it got 20 less hp and 20 more torqe lower in the rpm range i bet it would 0-60 faster.


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