SVT Focus & Civic Si comparison

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    Oh the time posted here are tested by other magazines' drivers, not the manufacturers. Can u really get rid of traction control for the focus?? Integra does 0-60mph in 6.0 sec, just goto the site i posted last time. Oh no, that extra 20hp does help, i'm really sorry, i siad the integra is heavier than teh civic, but actually, it's the other way around, sorry. In 0-60mph, most test drivers tend to rev the engine to about 5000rpm and then drop the clutch, that's why high end power helps the 0-60mph time.
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    the ford focus is still a piece of shit! maybe if ford was smart enough to make it a rear wheel drive V6 with 250+ hp then i might actually give ford credit for making such a shitty car. but when it comes down to this focus against a civic SIR i gotta give it to the civic cuz it weights less. other than that it'll be a tight race.
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    Why would ford make a RWD 250 horsepower car when it already has one? (Mustang GT- RWD, 250 HP)

    and that 65.3 MPH on the slalom doesnt seem too shitty to me.
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    if you want a "small" car with 250hp from ford you got Mondeo ST220.
    if you want slightly more performance from a Escort / Focus..
    then gen the Cosworth/Ford version.
    nothing wrong with this car, as it's market its meant to be modded up anyways.
    i've seen a focus modded up to 400hp. and no one was dissing it, has it beated supped up hondas as well.
    stock wise, the focus lacks power.
    honda traditionally has been known for bad handling.
    (refer to speedvision)
    but the focus isn't the best.
    however, focus serves as a better rally car
    which takes this discussion into another direction.
    regardless, the 4wd 300HP rally version of the Focus, is something to be respected to.
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    Hondas have been known for bad handling?

    According to Autocar magazine, the Honda NSX won twice 2 a row as the bets handling car in the world. The INtegra type R has been praised as the best handling FWD car...and the list goes on.
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    Don't forget that after rigorous testing of many great cars EVO Magazine named the NSX the "Ultimate Driver's Car"

    NTM the Civic is known (at least in the past, removing the front and rear double wishbone characteristic of the Civic was a mistake) crisp, nimble handling.

    And btw JaguarX, Speedvision (which is called Speed channel now) has not said anything bad about the Civic's handling with the one exception being the 2002 Si, and even for that they've said on numerous occasions that they still enjoy the feel of the Civic (emphasizing how they like the fact that it's eager to turn in when pushed into oversteer) despite the fact that the new Si hasn't shown stellar handling performance, and that the steering feels a bit dead. They've also said on a number of occasions that the new Si disappointed them in its inferior handling to previous Civic Si's.
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    civic si vs focus svt?
    Focus svt <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
    & comparing svt with type R isnt a fair comparison try:
    focus RS vs civic type R
    fords maybe shitty here in the U.S. but euro Ford is on par
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    um, r u on glue? The SVT was designed to compete with the Type-R, as it was released in Europe first as the ST-170, and the Focus RS is not only Turbo-charged (while the Type-R is not), but the Focus RS is also in a higher class, with the EVO, STI, etc. and both dominate the RS in its class as well.
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    sorry the rs has already beat the sti in many comparos and by big margins...

    so i would say the rs is a bit above the sti and evo while the american i-4's have always been slower than the honda counterpart but the handling differences are extreme with the svt tipping off the type-r...and the type-r also has some 40hp more...i expect it to be alot a straight line that is...

    and funny thing is when ford puts almost the same amount of horses in the focus rs and the type-r, u complain about it being turboed and what not...well to bad, its turboed and the other car is not, quite crying...thats like saying its no fair to compare a viper to a 911 becuz the 911 is turboed...or like saying comparing a z06 to a 911 is with it..
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    I never said it wasn't fair, I just said that it's dumb to compare two cars of different classes to each other.

    as to the rest of your post, you have some very extreme delusional issues. That's all I have to say.
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    How does the RS beat the Sti by big margins? As far as I know the RS does tie with the WRX in acceleration, but beats the WRX in the handling category, and has better lap time. But for the STi, I really doubt it. If u are talkign about the European STi, the RS is faster, but the RS is about teh same as the Japanese STi.

    The RS is certainly a driver's car, a track-biased car. It's too biased that the ride comfort is even worse than the Evo VII (which has been known for extremely harsh ride). But of course, if ur just looking for perforamnce and handling, that wouldn't bother u much.

    Also the car has too much torque steer and steering kickback, despite of the fact that the engine management limits the torque at 177lb/ft for 1st and 2nd gear.

    The Civic Type R is not in the same class as the RS, the Type R compares with the SVT focus. The Type R has 30 more hp, not 40 mroe hp. But I agree that the handling of the SVT is better than the Type R, but for overall, the Type R is still better.

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    "...thats like saying its no fair to compare a viper to a 911 becuz the 911 is turboed...or like saying comparing a z06 to a 911 is unfair..." Not when the NA car is of higher displacement, geeze, even you should know that, stop being such a nimrod.
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    I think you guys are way off... for us in the US anyways. The Civic Si is a direct competitor against the Ford Focus SVT. Ford was looking to make an SVT Focus R (Cobra R) to compete with the Type-R (when it hits the US). Other plans include simply putting a turbo on the current SVT to take on the Dodge SRT-4 (which owns both the Civic and the Focus) and at the same time compete in the price range of the Type-R. But here in the states, the SVT is priced at 17,995 (including destination) with total options raising the car to just under 20k. The Si starts at 19K, but i think that it doesnt have many options (but a whole lot of available accessories which are mostly standard on the SVT). The SVT owns the Si in all performance aspects... but the Si gets a little better gas mileage, if that means anything. Other than that, like I said, for us in the US, the SVT rules.
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    Actually the Focus ST-170 (SVT in North America) was designed to compete with the Type-R and was originally released in Europe.

    Yes, we all know the SRT-4 owns the SI and SVT here in the US.
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    Nah, the European STI is faster than the RS, and faster around a track, likewise with the jdm STI. And the RS doesn't even compare on a dirt road.
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    Bah, I hate the SRT-4. I have driven both an SRT-4 and an SVT. The SRT-4 may be faster, but the SVT has an unmatched "driving fun" experience to it.
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    i dont think ford is ready to make a car that is on the same plane as the civic. this is probably them trying to make the focus as popular as the civic, hoping people will start buying up the focus and making ten second cars out of them. hell, i wouldn't mind people pimpin out the focus instead of the civic. cause at least we will have an american car market on that class. - i hate that civic nation commercial
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    Yeah, ford really has no clue what it is doing. That is why the focus has been on Car and Drivers top 10 list 4 years in a row.
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    Very well said. Despite its poor reliability, the Focus is really a great car.
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    We could argue about the cars reliability. Besides the nasty list of recalls in the Focuses early life, the car is a fairly relaible car.
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    haha, the first impression to people is already not good if it has too many problems at first!
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    First impressions. Ha! May I remind you that the corvette got off to a horrible start when it was first made in the 60s? Now it is one of the most well known cars and has had one of the longest lives.
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    did you know that 1 out of 4 cars that were sold in britan was a focus, in its first year, i guess ford should call britain focus nation, and also the focus is still the best selling car in the world last time i checked, and the rs just picked up the best car in bbc top gear.
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    liek u've said, the first vette was in teh 60's, that's like 40 yrs ago, and how bout the focus? Made at....4 yrs ago? so people already forgot about the horrible start of vette, but they still remember the start of teh focus.

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