SVT Focus & Civic Si comparison

Discussion in '2002 Ford Focus SVT' started by 13BFD3S, Dec 2, 2002.

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    When you want to talk about how fast a car is in a straight line, torque is what matters, everyone knows that torque is almost as important as hp, and I think everyone here knows that Hondas are horrible when it comes to torque. The 99 Si in the sedan body had I believe 160hp w/111 FT/LBS of torque, thats incredibly bad and the new Si isnt much different. I have an 02 SVT focus and I have raced it against a new Si out at the local track here in washington and it wasnt even funny, I didnt have any aftermarket pieces on my car yet so I belive we were both running stalk. But I still took him by about 2 car lengths, w/me running a 15.7 and him running a 16.1, which was really good on my part considering most magazine numbers post 15.8. BTW the SVT doesnt have LSD which really sucks because it makes it really hard to get a good start without breakin the tires loose. If it had LSD stalk it would be running low 15s high 14s. I have a few aftermarket parts on my car and Im running 15.3s and 0-60 in 6.8(measured with a G-Tech) but with LSD from Quaife I would probebly be running high 5s 0-60 and mid to high 14s in the 1/4. And I dont know who said the SVTs handling sucked earlier but it doesnt, it runs the slalom faster than a WRX and is in I would say the top 15 of best handling cars out on the market(excluding cars like the Enzo). As for my vote it goes to Ford anyday, I would never drive a Honda.
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    The Focus's transmission is way better...they use a 6-speed GETREG. where as the honda doesnt even have 6-gears...and either a SVT Focus or a Civic SI would kill any stock Z24. Read about the cars before you post dumbasses!!!
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    Then you cannot compare any honda to any turbo or supercharged will never totally be able to compete in all aspects until they get some balls and give everyone what they want and stop being so damned concerned with engine size...
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    guess you're just not a true driving enthusiast.
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    The Civic in this car's class has 6-gears.
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    Then you should not post here, you'll never be able to make a rational post until you get some balls and think before you speak. Honda's engines have a lot of balls, and in using the lower engine displacement, they maximize handling, emissions (Honda is the only company who's entire line of vehicles meets 2005 ULEV status), and fuel economy. On top of that it gives them reason to engineer their engines to put out good amounts of power for displacement size.

    The NSX can compete with, and beat MANY cars with larger displacement engines AND Forced induction (ex: the basic 3.2l V6 NSX is faster in straightline acceleration than the 4.6 litre V8 Supercharged Mustang SVT Cobra, and yet the SVT Cobra is the only one of the two designed for straightline acceleration, we won't look at handling as the NSX is beyond the SVT Cobra's class and very well should handle better, so that point is irrelevant).

    The S2000 can easily beat many cars with bigger displacement, as can the Civic Type-R.

    they easily have enough balls.
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    i agree with rangersrule, though i dont have a focus SVT i do hav the ZX3, and i've wasted a 2003 civic si, for most of you, the reason you think the si would beat the focus, is because you dont like ford.
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    I think the Driver of that Si was a bad driver, the ZX3 has less power, weighs more, has worse gear ratios, and takes like 10 seconds to reach 100km/h, as opposed to the Si's 6.9 seconds.
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    Hard to compare, and they both are good cars. Don't know, don't know...
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    What's with these fools saying that the Civic Type-R is available EVERYWHERE except North America? Fools I tell you!
    In Australia you cannot get a Civic Type-R, simple as that.
    In New Zealand you cannot buy them new but you can buy them as a grey import (2nd hand from Japan).
    I've asked a friend of mine and he says that you cannot get them in South Africa either.
    So even though we are on the other side of the world and on different continents we either must be able to buy these cars or we must be in North America...... No.

    Secondly, what's with this comparison of Zetec and V-tec? Are you all 12 years old or what? Zetec is an engine design, it's like the RB series engines (RB20, RB30, RB25, RB26 all DE, DET and DETT) and the ford K-series engine (used in the Puma, Ka and others) whereas V-tec is all to do with valve actuation. It's like mivec in that it enables an engine to rev higher and thus achieve greater power (power=torque*revs approximately).
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    Typical Honda fan there - nobody is talking about the NSX.

    The NSX is your typical Halo-car where everyone buys a civic and then says "But the NSX is a weapon and that's made by Honda too!!!"

    Gimme a break dude, if someone was making fun of a neon then a Chrysler/Dodge (depending on country) driver surely wouldn't try and bring the Viper to his defence so let your civic defend itself.

    I know he was dissing Honda and not the civic specifically but in every one of your posts, where ever you've had to defend honda as a whole you've just used the NSX as your example, not the Civic you are purporting to be this 'mean machine' that canes the SVT.
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    I think that the Focus would perform better than the civic.. just dont like Focus styling all that much, but i guess its alright

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