SVT Lightning vs. 2003 Silverado SS

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  1. that the power figures are out for the silverado ss, what does everyone think? looks like chevy let their fans drool too much over that supposed "near 500bhp" lightning killer that will never be. yeah, the truck is coming out...and don't get me wrong, it's nice...but with only 345bhp (see instead of the original 479bhp, i think it's a real big disappointment. sorry, but chevy dropped the ball on this one. not only is it outpowered, but the lighting has it beat in the looks deapartment big time as well. it looks like a lowered silverado with 20" rims and nothing more. pretty lame for a "super-truck". and for those of you whose first response is "well at least it doesn't have to be supercharged to win"........guess what......that won't put your pride back together when you get smoked by the lightning next to you. bottom lose. can't knock ford for using technology. power is power no matter where it comes from. just remember...popeye would have been nothing without his little can of spinach. personally, i'll take my truck with a good helping of spinach!!! hope the guys at dodge (my other favorite company) can do better with their shot at the king. i just hope they can do it without making their ram cost the same as the viper.
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    You do realize that FORD backwards stands for Driver Returns On Foot, so wtf are you on. Just think about how many recalls Ford has had in the past because they are stupid. Karl Benze made the first car known to man to Henry Ford...hahahaha
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    Chevy would whoop its ass.
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    And just how, might I ask?
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    can you say "see ya ford" Chevy is the best and alway will be!!!
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    i might be mistaken, but i cant find any specs on this truck on all i see are specs on the ssr. Someone tell me where you guys are seeing this because i must be blind or something
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    Lets put it this way, the ss has all wheel drive which helps it out a ton. I think it may come to weight. Off of the top of my head i can't tell you the weight figure for either one, but if they are close, I think the ss has an advantage, just look at the typhoon, the all wheel drive made it what it is.
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    What an idiot! That's probably because you went to their website back in August or something. Now go there, and go to the Silverado.
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    the only people who are going to be saying see ya are the drivers of the Ford SVT Lightning!
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    WOW! all this time I thought the company was named after the founder. I had no idea they had such a clever way of choosing their name. this is amazinc!
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    Fords Rule! (and the First car "known to man" was built by Leonardo Da Vinci if you want to get technical) And it is rumored that Ford will be making an improved lightning in the very near future that makes around 500HP.
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    the production ss would be better competion for the HD f150 not the lightning.yes it has AWD but it weighs way more then the lighting and has less HP.
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    Im Gonna Have To Give Props To My Good Pal Chvrolet For Diving Head First Into This Category. Now Given That The Truck Will Have 345HP, Thats Plentey For Now. If We Were To Compare Between The SVT And The SR/T10 Picup Trucks At Similar Levels (Naturally Aspirated V-8), The SS Would Kill Its Competition. But Knowing That It Will Not Happen, e Have Got To Think About The Other SS Trucks: The Tralblazer SS and Tahoe SS.....All Powered By The 6.0L From The Esclade, Except The Trailblazer (The 6.0L From The Humvee/Tahoe/HD Picups)....The SS Is Back, And In More Ways Than One.......
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    face it all ford pick-up fans, chevrolet will always rule the ring, sure many fords especially the f-series are pretty impressive but chevy's kill them any day, i love chevrolet silverado's and nuttin can change my mind, because they are the best!
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    Sorry guys, ima hafta go SVT here(not that im biased or anything), merely for the fact that fords been in the modern supertrucks for a bit longer, and im excluding the syclone, because of scarcity. While the ss will definitely be a contender in the fight thats coming(svt vs SS vs SRT/10), for now, itll be all svt, atleast until that 345 changes.
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    OH, and uhh, floyd. ill tell you this, the ford recalls are to keep customers happy in the long run. i have quite a few friends in older chevys, and they have constant complaints, whereas my lil old 4 cyl stang keeps runnin, and looks fine. anything that was recalled, we had replaced, and got it free...more liek a life time warranty if you ask me
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    I prefer the SRT-10.
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    WOAH! Did u think that up all by your self. There has never been a recall on a ford truck. get your facts right before you open your stupid mouth next time. You pussy Chevy fans are just all butt hurt because chevy's sorry ass attempt didn't even come close to de throneing the king. Sorry pussies better luck next time!
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    #$%# yeah im with you i personally am an import fan but if i went american it would definitely be ford and for the dumb ass who said Driver Returns On Foot heres one for you First On Race Day! chevy sucks the nuts of FORD and thats only when FORD feels like letting chevy suck there nuts!
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    chevy sucks think about it they have to produce 5.7 liter sports cars where as ford only uses 4.6 and if im not correct they aren't even going to be making the camaro anymore but for some reason the mustang is still in production you piece of sh!t oh and hell yeah the lightning would beat that S.S.(Super Slow) and it would out handle it in the blink of an eye even with an all wheel drive system!
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    its the first year of the SS give it a while to gain back its former stance. GM has to make sure there is room in the market before pushing a lot of money at the program, and when the next gen LS1 engine comes out maybe they will put it in the Silverado SS. its estemated to be 500hp for the next Z06.

    the new V-8 is half of the V16 that puts out over 1000 hp in the caddy 16. just so you know where motortrend got the figures...

    with all wheel drive on that baby nobody else stands a chance-
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    The 5.7 does it naturally aspirated and puts out more power. Besides, the trucks use a 6.0L. Why is it an insult that the camaro was discontinued but the mustang wasn't? Sure the lightning would beat the SS and I don't think the awd even gives the SS better handling. It would be sweet to see the lighning with awd as it would have amazing launches. Remember the syclone?
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    I don't think the new Z will have 500HP,It's a long shot.That Super Slow Silverado is a POS, and it's ugly.They will never make another good Super truck, Ford owns this spot and John Coletti pretty much said we welcome the competition to the sport truck division but they ain't giving up the top spot to dodge or chevy anytime soon.This sis something Ford owns and has owned for years so dodge and chevy are going to have fun taking it from them.
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    In a lot of ways you guys seem to be compairing Apples to Oranges.

    It depends on what you are looking for in a pu-truck. Yes the Lightning is about 1 second faster than the SS in the quater. SVT-13.9 SS-14.9 0 to 60 depends on the driver... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> Let that Fix or Repair Daily smoke them tires and I chrup mine and will win every time. The SS also has a governer so its top speed is 109 MPH. Yep there is a aftermarket chip... but you void your warrenty if you use it. So if you have 40k to drop in a truck and don't care about warrenty there are aftermarket kits that will make it go FASTER.

    Back to stock;

    Now lets get in a situation where the weather is not perfect. The SS wins all the time as the others are 2 wheel drive.

    Due to the fact that the SS is a extended cab I can take a few of my friends for a ride or the family. The SS is made for the open road and crusing. With the new suspension I must say it has the feel of a sports car and does NOT tend to lean in corners. It is also nice to be able to run the regular 87 oct. gas in it. The owners manual does tell you for best "preformance" and accelation to use 91 plus. I like saving dollars. Paying 20 cents a gal more for 91-93 oct. gas gets expensive in the long run. Add a bed cover of some type and you get about 20 MPG on the open highway.

    The only bad thing about owning this Limited Production Vehicle is I cannot find nurf bars for it... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> Yea I have been in a few shops that want to modify a set so it looks like the Harley Truck. But this would lower the total ground clearance. The nerf bars really need to come up to the rocker pannel and would then become in a way usless, except for the fact that it would protect the doors from someone hitting my doors in a parking lot with theres and in smoke black would look VERY cool.

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    The Lightning looks better and runs faster.

    End of story.

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