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  1. The bang for the buck champion is now a Ford. Alot of you fools cheer the Vette and say it will spank this car. The same fools the say "look at the price" when defending the Vette against other supercars. Well the SVT is supercharged and the price is has been quoted as staying the same!!! So your comparing a $50,000 ride (03 Zo6) to a $35,000 ride. A better comparison would be a stock Vette... but that could not run with this car. Also if you know cars you know that getting those 15 horses that the SVT is lacking behind the Vette its as easy as a chip and a pulley (new Z06 has 405hp). I know the Vette is lighter, but any difference you feel is probably comming from your wallet... which is $15,000 lighter (you can buy another car with that kind of money!). Next arguement is handling and for that i quote someone that probably knows more than us...
    "In fact the SVT Cobras have always emphasized handling, AND THEY STAND AMONG THE FASTEST-EVER STREET CARS THROUGH OUR HIGH-SPEED SLALOM TEST." --Motor Trend, March 2002 Vol. 54 No.3

    I drive a Chevy. I love my car. But anyone that thinks this thing is not a steal and awesome is a fool. Please!!! No spell check responses. Also, i just wanted to say i hate, with a passion, all you fools that can only see as far as a manufactures brand. You are all blind.
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    The car runs about dead even with a stock vette coupe. No match for the Z06 even with a blower.

    You can't band-aid a 1979 fairmont chassis design with a supercharger and expect to run with a car that was designed top to bottom for performance. Period.
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    Dumbass, dumbass, dumbass...the svt cobra will spank a stock vette, and hang with the z06 (although in the end get beat by the z06).

    "You can't band-aid a 1979 fairmont chassis design with a supercharger and expect to run with a car that was designed top to bottom for performance. Period."
    I'm not even going to touch that statement...morons...
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    I don't get it. American help me out here. Is the Stang chassis design that outdated? whats up with this guy. The 3 American Muscle cars are all built for speed. Viper, Corvette, and the Mustang. With the money you save on buying the 03 SVT Cobra you can make it much faster than the Vette if thats what you really want, although I do prefer the Vette. Just Imagine if you had a $50,000 Vette vs. a $50,000 Cobra($15,000 in mods).
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    He's right about one thing, the chassis if from 1979. The thing he is to stupid to realize is that with the right suspention set-up any chassis can be made into a great handler.
    Case in point, the mustang. Sure it's chassis is outdated, but ford has done A LOT to make it handle well, in some cases down right amazing (cobra r, 2003 svt cobra).
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    I'll take the Z06.
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    Aight yo the Cobra and the ZO6 shouldn even b compared. The ZO6 for that shitload of money should be bettter and faster. I think for 35 grand the cobra is a bargain. I gotta admit though the ZO6 is a nice ass car. if i was loaded i would buy the ZO6 over the cobra. Also i think ford should i betta job wit the cobra and made it lighter and made its engine better. Then when they turbo charge it its alot betta. All that ford did was take a 01 cobra and turbocharge it. nuthin special. u can do the same thing. When i get a cobra ill super charge and do some otha shit.
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    It already is superchargered there moron. No v-8 mustang has ever had turbos from factory. F^cking idiots, at least read up a little bit on what your talking about before posting this random shit!!
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    The Z06 is the victor. It rapes the Cobra in handling, and is about half a second faster 0-60.
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    No one has said otherwise have they...? Rape is a strong word though...
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    Impressive, this proves that monkeys can actually use the internet!!Monkeys or mentally challenged, either way it's impressive. Good going chimp boy.
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    Yeah, rape IS a strong word. It doesn't rape it. I was exaggerating a bit.

    Handling wise, the Z06 will do circles around it. It is nearly 600 pounds lighter, and has a more refined suspension. As far as speed goes, it's sorta close. The Z06 has gone 0-60 i under 4 seconds, which is hella-fast. The Cobra is still nice and quick, though.
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    Won't argue with that at all.
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    What would ford do if GM supercharged the corvette......
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    And what if ford dropped in a 429 cobra jet with a supercharger on it into the mustang...what if, what if, what if. Well guess what, they didn't so who cares.
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    Dropping a 429Cj into the mustang would be the only thing ford could do because it seems that the weak 4.6 just can't get it up without aids such as superchargers nitro boost,etc......pitty
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    i am a fan of the SVT but come on, the vette is a monster. The vette would beat it no question.
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    The z06 would beat it, the c5 would not.
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    ZO6, much better car, much more comfotable, better performer
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    Well, first of all, this car, puts out more power than the Z06 on the dyno, but the Z06 is much faster, there's more to a car than just how much power it puts out.

    Second of all, Subaru makes a car that's cheaper than this, is much better quality, is just as fast, is faster in slippery conditions, and handles much I guess the SVT Cobra no longer reigns supreme in bang for buck, going by your logic.

    You, are manufacturer biased, YOU are blind.
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