Sweeeeeet Car Collection

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by SuperSonic, Jun 23, 2011.

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  2. Very nice collection indeed. Loving the colors of that Enzo FXX.
    BUT, he has no taste with rims....he just ruined a perfectly good 458 and a murci and a california and a.....
  3. lol
  4. Really don't like collections like this, "What's out new today? Oh, well I've already got 6 of them, but I've got to find SOME way to spend all this money!"
  5. pretty poor taste if you ask me.
  6. well i dont know about you but id like to have a collection like that lol
  7. Well, of course. It's just kinda ho hum considering the money that's there.
  9. This is Michael Fux' collection.
  10. When it comes to amazing collections, Jim Patterson is up there for me.
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  12. Love the collection but I'm wondering why Fux needs 4 types of a 599 at the same location.
  13. seems he just buys every new supercar released. pretty boring collection imo, about as exciting as a dealership
  14. He needs to have more vintage cars.
  15. weird collection
  16. please sent me the link with colani car photos!
  17. mans got shit taste
  18. grooossss
  19. Cool cars, but that shit screams "I have a lot money and I want everyone to know it"
  20. Not impressed.
  21. Its like he cannot decide what supercar or luxury car to buy. So lets just buy them all.
  22. i agree with you guys, that collection is totally lame... i certainly wouldn't want to own a whole fleet of some of the nicest/best cars on earth, because then the highly affluent and intelligent internet critics living in their moms basement might look down upon me.
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  25. point is, you can buy way nicer cars for that money.

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