sweet 0-60

Discussion in '1937 Auto Union Typ C Stromlinie' started by rob did your mom, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. i think its faster to walk
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    My 84 accord will smoke this brand new "car"
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    woweee, i'm impressed

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    nice 0-60<!-- Signature -->
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    ok first of all its PROTOTYPE, next it says est, they might change the egine, this might be the base model, for a base model it aint that bad, and i kinda like the looks, it looks like it would be in the gm tracker class, now those suv's suck.
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    I think that its underpowered and it needs to a manual trannie as an option if it goes into production
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    i agree on the manual tranny! a real offroad machine always has a manual...
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