Sweet car!

Discussion in '2002 Cadillac Cien Concept' started by 2003 ss R, Oct 23, 2002.

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    This car is awesome,but it would be astonishing to see it in production.
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    If it was in production though you would never see one because the price tag on one of them. it would be over 100,000 but it could be like Ferrarri and do limited production on all of the cars
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    i reckon this is one of the maddest and most beautifl cars evermade (including lamborghini miura, ferrari f40, and jaguar xj220) and itz a fresh new look for cadillac, if this came into prduction it would rip all the utha competion (cein vs. enzo vs. murcielago?)but u better own an oil well
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    oh yeah with an aluminum v-16, this car is very sweet, but i doubt that it will be a production model because it would cost too much.
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    in a news paper article for something it said it was going for 250,000
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    i think the torque should be higher also... a little low when u compare it to the HP
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    oh joy
    i get a new reason to tell you to kill yourself

    first thing
    how would you know if this car has great handling (i'll just ignore the amazing stupidity of that "i forgot what kind though" you dumb piece of shit)
    but anyways to the best of my knowledge this car has never been tested for handling
    so how exactly did you figure out that this car has awesome handling?

    so in closing
    camaro.... i hope you get boiling oil poured on your hands so they become so deformed you can never type again
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    Hahaha........., you're the biggest idiot. I congradulate you. You're probably that idiot chevelle454.
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    you know you didn't answer the question about how you would know how this car handled
    and no i'm not chevelle454

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    I don't know. I was just guessing. Sorry, if I posted it as fact, because CLEARLY it wasn't intended to be.
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    what the hell are you talking about it was clearly not supposed to be taken as you were posting a fact
    you said "this car has awesome handling because of all the technology it uses, but i forgot what kind"
    words that imply that it wouldn't be taken as a fact would be "i think this" or "i'm guessing" or "it would make sense but it hasn't been tested so i'm just talking out of my ass"

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    Yeah! it does have amazing handleing. It turns like a racing car in GT Concept.
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    please god
    since you seem to be so sure of this
    where the hell did you find that out
    you ever drive this car???
    you know about anyone who has???
    perhaps someone has officially tested it and found out how good it handles and nobody bothered telling ummmmmmm anyone except for you
    shut up
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    yeah I hope they actually make this some day.
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    This is my favorite Cadillac. It's the only one I know of that looks like it was built for racing and not just luxury.
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    i saw it at the dc auto show and the cadillac woman said they wernt making it but i dont care int still a cadillac and a gm and i live it besides she said they were making the blue deviol c6 with similar specs
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    Yep, sweet car .
    In the style of Cadilac.
    Nice , comfortable car with good engine.
    I like it.
    If i could i woud buy it .
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    your not wrong there
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    The only problem that i have with this car is the fact that it looks like a transformer, its just taken the pointed edges too far, but i bet this car would look amazing in real life. good job caddilac for having such a wide variety in car styles
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    this is the best concept car i have seen from gm
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    i love your motto.911 makes music not noise"cool one!
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    its nice for the performace but its still a bit ugly. the top speed i herd was 235 mph but dont quote me about it.
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    Indeed its a sweet car
    I wonder if there's still some consideration to building it ... specially after Chrysler is reviewing the business case for its super car ME 4-12 and it looks like it might get build before 2008 (although in very limited editions)
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    Alright. In my opinion, it looks so-so there are good parts and bad parts. My only problem is that, being a Cadillac, it might have the weight of a Cadillac, and have very bad handling as a result, or have the relatively fuzzy and uncommunicative steering that so often plagues Cadillacs.
    Someone earlier had a question about why the torque was so low versus the horsepower. Now hopefully everybody understands that horsepower is a factor of torque and rpm, so you multiply them together (with another #) to get horsepower. Most v12s are built so that the engine maintains about the same amount of torque throughout it's rev range. V12s also tend to be built to rev high, like 9k-ish rpm, so they always have pull, and have to shift less quickly. This also makes for a car that is always in the good part of it's powerband, always where the power is in it's rev range.

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