Sweet liquor (corrected)

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    Since the last post got v3-ed......

    I don't drink but this liquor I found recently seems like such a badass drink.

    It's called Jekyll and Hyde, and consists of two separate liquors in different bottles. Jekyll is a red berry-flavored liquor while Hyde is a black herbal-flavored liquor.

    Both are meant to be mixed together, with the black liquor floating on top of the red liquor when poured.

    Seems like such a neat drink. Also add the fact that the two separate bottles intermesh with one another, making for a neat display.


    [EDIT] Forgive me if someone already mentioned this...
  2. I wouldn't buy anything produced by Anheuser-Busch, but that's just me. Also, this looks like another fad-drink that's just way to sweet for its own good, and will only sell for a couple months in the clubs before people get tired of the novelty and return to old standards.

  3. Sweet liquor = pukefest later.
  4. i hate sugary liquor, it reminds me of Ice 101, the worst drinking drink ever.
  5. It'll never be Aftershock.
  6. i h8 that
  7. it h8s u more kunt
  8. *Hpnotique
  9. *u
  10. Red-Headed Sluts and other Jager+fruit drinks are pretty good. All the same, it does seem like a gimmic to me and probably will go the way of the dinosaur like you said.
  11. 43!!!!!!!!!

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