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  1. The exterior styling of 911s is closer to Beetles' than it is to typical supercars' such as the McLaren F1's.
  2. Chocolate is closer in appearance to shit than it is to other forms of candy, therefore there is no difference between chocolate and shit.

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  3. A food's taste is related to its color far less than a car's sex appeal is related to its exterior styling. IMHO, a car has to look good to be sexy.
  4. One again, you just don't get it. The fact that the 911 is closer in appearance to a Beetle than to a McLaren F1 doesn't mean much. You're acting like that makes it identical to the Beetle. Anyone who isn't legally blind will be able to tell the difference between a 911 and a Beetle without any trouble whatsoever. The 911 looks good. It is a sexy car. Whether or not the same can be said about the Beetle is another matter.
  5. The average person could tell the difference between a Miata and a 911 more easily than they could tell the difference between a Beetle and a 911. Of course the Beetle and 911 aren't identical, but if you can't see that they're very similar then you need to get your eyes checked. A Miata is far sexier than a 911. 911s attract more girls because of their price. That's not the same thing as sex appeal.
  6. This post is completely retarded. What is wrong with the world you grew up in?
  7. Dude, the fact that the 911 doesn't look like a Miata or McLaren F1 DOES NOT mean it doesn't look good. Did I miss an article or something that decreed that a car's beauty can be measured in terms of its similarity to either of those cars? Are you honestly saying that the Beetle you posted and the 996 GT2 you posted are "very similar" in appearance? If so, you're either blind or retarded. There's simply no other explanation.
  8. I'm not sure I'd skeet my NUTS out about a GT2 on ebay, but I sure as shit DO WANT.
  9. The title of this thread is totally misleading.
  10. It not only makes widows, it also makes people post retarded shit over the net.
  11. First of all, looks are extremely subjective so I'm not trying to change anyone's opinion and it's highly unlikely that anyone's going to change my opinion. However, I CAN explain why I feel the way that I do.

    When you see a sportscar, you usually know right away that it's a sportscar. This is because sportscars tend to have a certain look. They tend to resemble each other. It's not just the McLaren and the Miata. It's almost all sportscars. 911s are an exception. The fact that sportscars tend to resemble each other isn't a strange coincidence and it isn't because of a lack of originality. Sportscars benefit from a variety of characteristics, including a low COG, low or negative aerodynamic lift, and other things. 911s are tall compared to other sportscars. They also have an arch shaped body which maximizes lift. Porsche would never've built the 911 with this shape if they were starting with a clean sheet of paper. The 911 is shaped the way that it is because it evolved from the Beetle and it stays that way because of consumer demand. Porsche tried to phase out the 911 but their customers wouldn't allow it.

    Recently, other sportscars have emerged with arch shaped bodies, but most of them are other Porsche products which are trying to look Porscheish. The CGT has worse aerodynamics than the Ford GT, which is a replica of a 43 year old car. The Audi TT also has an arch shaped body, but it has a habit of flying off of the Autobahn. The Veyron's shape is somewhat arch-like, but its production was delayed by aerodynamic problems.

    Women make a good analogy. The shapes of beautiful sportscars can vary more than the shapes of beautiful women, but for the most part beautiful sportscars tend to resemble each other just as beautiful women tend to resemble each other. Try to think of two women with extremely pretty bodies. Chances are that their bodies have very similar shapes. Correct? Now try to think of a woman whose body has a much different shape but still has an extremely pretty body. Can you think of one? If so, post pics of all three.
  12. Right, so now sexiness is determined by how much a car conforms to a traditional sports car shape? Good to know. Here is what you aren't getting: your first sentence about looks being subjective is spot-on, and yet right away you show that you either don't know or care what that even means. You're trying to quantify the 911's sexiness by comparing it to Miatas, McLaren F1s, and God knows what else, and now you're trying to quantify it by analyzing the 911's shape in terms of how ideal it is for a balls-out sports car. YOU CAN'T QUANTIFY A SUBJECTIVE THING. That's what makes it subjective. Get that through your head. The fact that the 911 is more similar in shape to a Beetle than to a McLaren F1 does not mean it isn't sexy. The fact that the 911 doesn't have an ideal shape for racing does not mean it isn't sexy. You don't find it sexy? Great. Good for you. But for the love of God, stop acting like it's something you can argue by saying ridiculous shit like "Is the Beetle sexy too?". The 911 wouldn't sell as well as it does if people didn't find it sexy. Porsche's customers would not have prevented them from killing it off if they didn't find it sexy. I'm pretty sure it's happened already, but you should probably quit before you end up making a complete fool of yourself.

    And 911s are tall compared to other sports cars? The 997 GT3 is 50.4 inches tall. The Aston Martin V8 Vantage is 49.4 inches tall. The Audi R8 is 49.3 inches tall. The C6 Z06 is 49.0 inches tall. I suppose 50 inches is the cutoff point for a sexy car, eh? Give me a break. Furthermore, the 911 is the most successful sports car in history. To this day 997 GT3s go head to head with Ferrari F430s in ALMS and often come out on top. No, it isn't an ideal shape, but it's not like it's a serious handicap either.

    The women analogy is just ridiculous. If you honestly can't see why on your own, I'm not even going to bother trying.
  13. Only one person is hurling insults. That doesn't constitute a fight.
  14. I'm thinking completely the opposite
  15. Yes they are, you stupid #$%#. Your dumbass 14 year old comment backfired on you pretty well.
  16. Getting flamed by you guys hurts sooooo much, especially when one of you thinks that Beetles are sexy and the other one doesn't think that 911s look like Beetles. BTW, I think that 944s are infinitely sexier than 911s.
  17. Shouldnt this have been in classifieds?

    Ah, Beetles, their fast too... That GT2 looks so well photoed you begin to think theres something wrong with it <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    Oh, and 996 GT2 looks best in guards red.
  18. Hey cool, a long heated discussion concerning subjectives.
    I think the Beetle isn't sexy, the 993 and 930 Porsches are, the New Beetle is somewhat cute and the Audi TT is looking fine too.

    My 2 cents.

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