Swine FLOO = National emergency

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  1. ramp up what alternatives? isnt there still a massive vaccine shortage?
  2. you must have missed a day of self flagellation
  3. This flu is being blown out of proportion so bad, it's unreal.
  4. i'd say be careful what you say, being that yo uhave kids and they'll expose you like a BOWSS, but you've probably been exposed to every wave of the flu since we first climbed down from the canopy.
  5. He's setting up FEMA camps to control the population....
  6. I R not vaccornated yet ... wanna have normal flu shot first, and don't feel fit enuff yet.
  7. Finally someone who speaks the truth.
  8. lol, our govt ordered 34 million on a population roughly half of that
    srsly, my goddamn tax money.
  9. In Sweden they ordered 20 million on a population of 9.2 milolion.
  10. From what I understand about swine flu is that it's more difficult to spread/catch compared to regular influenza (a testament to how prevalent influenza is considering how fast H1N1 went pandemic), but that it peaks out rather hot and heavy.

    Nothing I wanna get to be very sure. I've heard even the vaccine could put you in for a rough week. If that's the case, I'll probably find myself getting inoculated.

    It's the POSTAL CODE FLu

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    they're already set up

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    less than a week!
  14. the Obama daughters haven't taken it so are you sure you want to take it?
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  16. Why?
  17. No idea, I'm not in the government. But that number was supposed to suffice or something. Such sheep here.
  18. It's more than the Netherlands, Suriname, the Netherlands Antilles, and Belgium combined. A clever ploy to recolonize by offering swine flu vaccines in return for control of certain countries, perhaps?
  19. i had swine flu not long ago.

    it was horrible
  20. That'd be the only reason why I'd approve of ordering that insane quantity, but it's just too unlikely
  21. Stop spreading rumors you heard on cable news networks

  22. I've been brainworshed by the cables
  23. My mum works at the local government office, and they had received a batch of shots by mistake or something, and she got one. The next day there were huge headlines about how people who weren't prioritized had received vaccine, and she was like "lol".
  24. I've known three people that had it and they all survived.
  25. I'm well aware what date it is. My estimate may have been off but it doesn't mean it still won't happen.

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