Swine FLOO = National emergency

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  1. Your estimate is shit.
  2. My GP has refused the first round of vaccines, he said he can't get any straight answers from the pharmaceutical reps about side effects and proper treatment.
  3. Meh, I'm about as likely to contract and die from swine flu as I am to get the vaccine and develop some horrible disorder/die.
  4. LOL
  5. I wonder if the vaccine really works. In my opinion, I'm septical.
  6. same...and side effects must be considered...
  7. There's not much information on the vaccine itself so, there's no way that my family and I would take it.
  8. Ofcourse it really works..... AT CONTROLLING YOUR MIIIIIIND MAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!
  9. here is some info for you about the vaccine...... it contains mercury, thimerisol, and squaline; some of which have been linked to neurological disorders as well as autism
  10. I died because of swine flu.
  11. Unless you're allergic to eggs, there's not really too much to worry about when it comes to vaccines.
  12. Its spelled squalene, and thiomersal. The latter has no convincing evidence of any link to autism, and is present in most vaccines that have existed in our lifetimes. It's significantly less toxic than mercury vapor (the mercury you mentioned is contained in the thiomersal), and in doses as small as those found in vaccines is totally removed from an adult body in 14 days. Squalene on the other hand is naturally produced within the human body, and is fundamental in the synthesis of various hormones, vitamin D, and cholesterol. And it is a precursor to nearly every naturally occurring steroid in the human body.
  13. my freinds friend actually died from it last week. crazy shit
  14. So is Marshal Law next?
  15. isn't this like 3 month old news now?
  16. not in the hemisphere where its coming into winter?
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    the autism is a myth: http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/cgi/content/full/114/3/793

    the mercury tamiflu contains is about as low as mercury that could be found in meat. Sure, there's mercury in it, but in these quantities not experienced as toxic.

    Thimerosal hasn't been proven to be linked to autism either... You might want to bring up the Poling case, but it hasn't been proven that that was the reason she developed things in the first place, as it was one of the many vaccines she had been exposed to. Others didn't have any issues with Thimerosal containing vaccines.

    Squalene improves the immune system... I don't really see your point on that one.
  18. I wish I was reading this before I wasted 10 minutes of time at work
  19. so usa=/=mexico... I seee
  20. when it started in mexico people were freaking out that a couple hundred people had it and that swine flu was going to #$%# everyones shit up eventually. which is why it was quite prevalent in aus during the winter when people ordinarily get the flu more often. now its primed to flourish in nth america/europe because its coming into flu season.

    just because it started in mexico in the summer doesn't mean the rest of north america was going to be swept over with it, just like i imagine swine flu cases will cool off in the summer here.
  21. forgive me; I didn't have my spell checker / medical journal with me

    and we'll agree to disagree on this, I'd point out that Autism is up 2100% since 1991 where the number of child vaccines increased by a large amount (don't know it off the top of my head but I'll find the number and post it here later)
  22. Forget that autism is a little-understood disorder, that the concept of an autism-spectrum disorder is a recent development, and diagnosis criteria have changed significantly in the last 20 years. Not to mention the greater public awareness of the condition.

    Also, just got trolled. PEACE.
  23. Just admit you got served.
  24. AP got owned AGAIN
  25. if the swine flu vaccine doesn't turn everyone into zombies by the end of october i'll eat my shoe

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