Swiss Army Man

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  1. Just came back from watching this, best film I have seen in a while. Audience stood up and cheered as well.

    The plot is quite interesting, a guy stranded on a desert island finds a farting zombie (Daniel Radcliffe) that he uses as a jet ski but then the zombie falls in love with him, shit gets weird and there's a bear and a raccoon gets shot by zombie-propelled pop corn. Eventually civilization is found using the zombie's boner as a compass but it has tragic consequences.

    Do watch. 5/5 stars.
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  2. I didn't think this was real. This isn't real is it?
    If it is. It's my favorite movie ever and I haven't even seen it
  3. It's fUcking real. Go see it.
  4. Why is there an unwritten rule in the film industry that all animated corpses are by default evil and destructive, with an insatiable appetite for live human flesh? It doesn't even make any sense.

    If somehow the laws of nature were changed and dead cells could function again, to the extent that a dead organism could move and feel hunger, wouldn't it just go to Taco Bell or something? Wouldn't it be able to feel other things besides hunger?

    It's refreshing to see a film that doesn't take this rule too seriously.
  5. Yes there is one of those.
  6. Watched it last night as was all "WTF" through the entire thing. It was weird and honestly a little shitty.
  7. That's coz U liek this kind of movies

  8. Wot, big splosions scare you, sissy boy? Going to run to your safe place?
  9. He jetskis Harry Potter's dead body using his farts. That's just plain weird.
  10. Robo Geisha was weird. This was moderately unconventional.
  11. The **** man

    I recently fapped to footage of an AC-130 U lighting up a range. It's just that Michael Bay is a shit director and everyone knows this except some dudebros with low cognitive abilities.

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  12. Michael Bay have birth to AC130s! That's how awesome he is!
  13. saw it a couple of weeks back and really enjoyed it
    the ending didn't sit right with me though
  14. Aye, the ending was a bit off.

    Still full 5/7.
  15. You may want to see Dead Man's Shoes too, though that's less absurd
    Or Rubber (one of my favourites) if you're only into absurd
  16. I'm into both. Been meaning to watch for Rubber for a while now after I saw a funny gif about it.
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  17. They aren't playing Swiss army man in my area. So mad
  18. saw deadpool
    pretty cool action scenes for a superhero movie (guns and death)
    but i didnt really think it was funny

    I think all movies should be R
    I thought that was the best part of the movie, everything that an R rating allowed them to do
  19. Oh common. When he was hitting colussus and breaking his hands and leg. Was funny
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  20. yeah some parts were pretty good
    Id heard it was really great, and it was pretty good. im still glad i didnt spend the cash to watch it in theaters
    it was like a joke a minute and a lot of them werent my kind of thing but I get that its not really for me either
    i was never into deadpool
  21. Finally was able to watch SAM in the cinema yesterday. I loved it. The title scene had me crying with laughter just from how ridiculous it was. And the mid-film montage had me crying with laughter for a good 30 seconds. Wonderful film. Beautiful camera work. And just very, very special. Not exactly well marketed over here though. The cinema was completely empty except for my two friends and I. And this was day 3 of only 5 total days they were showing it.
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