Switzer P700 Nissan GTR

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  2. Crazy, +1 to him for his calculated method, not just "banzai 100 octane gas and cranking the boost"
  3. Yup. Good guy.
  4. psh weak with the skyline gtr r34 aka godzilla japanese tuners were regularly tuning up to 1200hp on pump gas
  5. O rly?
  6. warranty voided!
  7. Because RUF and Renntech and all those don't void Porsche's warranty.
  8. got somethin to say jerk
  9. z06 with a few mods can make that power for way cheaper man
  10. 1200?
  11. stfu if u have any problems
  12. What tuning package doesn't void a warranty?
  13. ones that come from the manufacturer or are approved by em, like stuff done by dealerships.
  14. Read the fine print on those - just because a dealer installs parts from (for example) the GM Performance Parts catalog does NOT mean the warranty isn't voided.
  16. well for example fordracing superchargers from their catalogue do not void warranties, that's common
  17. does anything Renntech do not void a warranty?
  18. BIG DEAL

    I've seen 1000+ HP out of R34s.
  19. big deal, ive seen like 8000hp out of a jet engine.
  20. Anything you do to a car aftermarket "voids" part of that warranty. Still, no matter how many turbos you slap on a car, unaffected systems will usually be backed by the OE. That coverage is done AT THE DISCRETION OF THE OEM. Meaning: they don't have to cover anything ... but they can choose to. Even a Ford Racing supercharger that goes bad, if the dealer determines it went bad due to customer abuse or racing, can be denied warranty service.
  21. Big deal, the shuttle has like, a bajillion horsepower.
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  23. sorry left the account on, lil bro posted it....
  24. was he telling the truth

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