Switzerland considers repealing incest laws

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  1. ya but i dont think second cousins falls under any incest laws. hell, im pretty sure second cousins can get married in a lot of places. for that matter, there's places where *cousins* can get married, and not just in the deep American South...
  2. i was basically going to post this. specifically, that 'allowing' incest will only make it easier for people (especially the young and/or defenseless) to actually get sexually abused against their will by relatives.
  3. Isn't there supposed to be a specific psychological effect that is part of human development that prevents you from wanting to bang your mom? One could then argue that anyone who wants to do that either has latent psychological issues or had some kind of trauma during development. Or a really hot mom.

    No comment on siblings yet. Maybe its just two desperate mouthbreathers.

    But yeah that.
  5. I think there's a reason that incest is universally taboo in anthropology, and that it does have some root in human nature. It makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint as well.
  6. well, it's called the Oedipus complex, and certainly it's not considered 'healthy'. and we know how that turned out for Oedipus.
  7. They built the great wall to keep people like you out
  8. We make laws for incest so there won't be any retarded kids, while retards can have kids, go figure.
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  10. Freud posited that boys and girls resolved the conflicts differently as a result of the male's castration anxiety (caused by Oedipal rivalry with the father) and the female's penis envy. He also held that the unsuccessful resolution of the Oedipus complex could result in neurosis, paedophilia, and homosexuality.
  11. Freud was also a nut.
  13. He was a little out there, but I think people give him too much shit for the whole Oedipus Complex thing.

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