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  1. i agree about the muddy bottom. especially when it's covered in algae and it feels like youre walking on slime. eww gross. speaking of algae, i swam pretty much every day in a lake nearby this summer and then heard the lake was full of blue-green algae which can make you sick or get you killed. lol, disgusting.

    then again, i still prefer lake swimming over sea swimming, since lake swimming doesn't kill you. the sea is WAY too #$%#ing dangerous here. if you go out and you get caught by a underflow you are pretty much #$%#ed, you'll get carried out to open sea in seconds. and you can't swimg against the current, because then you'll die. happens to a lot of people every year.
  2. My lake has a sand bottom. And swimming in potable freshwater is IMO wayyyy better than swimming in the ocean (altough that is nice too).

    I experienced that undercurrent thing in the Caribbean, was not cool swimming like a whore and getting further away from the shore, choking in saltwater. Which is probably why the locals stick to dancing on the beach and drinking rum.
  3. Aren't you from the Netherlands? Like, the country on lease from the sea?
  4. The currents you described are actually circulating currents that flow in big loops. If you can stay afloat long enough, it will just bring you back close to shore. Second, because they are loops, at some point along the shore, the water flows inward, then parallel, then outward. If you are caught in the outward-flowing current (the underflow, as you call it), swim perpendicular to the current -- parallel to the shore. You'll escape the powerful, seaward flowing waters, and then be able to swim to shore easily. Swim far enough to the side and you'll be carried back to shore.

    I've been caught in the undertow a bunch of times. Successfully swam against it once, then learned how not to spend an hour exhausting the shit out of myself, even with fins, to swim like 100 meters.
  5. The more you know!
  6. I think Wheelman should move to Montréal.
  7. 438 Sqn, St Hubert?
  8. I hear that in Montreal, Wheelman will be able to actually touch the girls at the strip club.
  9. you can do that in Ontario as well
  10. also if you are looking at buying I'm interested in where as I'm also looking to buy some lake front property in the near future.
  11. Im aware. Still #$%#ing dangerous and scary
  12. Oh, it still freaks me right out whenever it happens, too, even knowing the best way to deal with it.
  13. rip tides own immigrants and tourists here in australia.

    they die quite regularly during the summer.
  14. You can buy 250 acres where I'm looking, with lake or river frontage for $300,000.

    You can have your shitty Ontario lake. I'm going to buy some land and do some hunting/fallout shelter building.
  15. Hunting and fallout shelter, wtf? #$%# that. You go ahead and pay taxes on 250 acres. All I want is to be able to sit in front of a lake in my free time.
  16. I'm going to 1 up you and have two lakes, and maybe a river.

    Taxes are super cheap out here because our province isn't making up for horrible union pensioners.
  17. I'm thinking of doing a similar thing only on about 60 acres for around 40k.
  18. thats so messed up, land is expensiver here and you guys make so much more money >.
  19. The land they're talking about is probably in the middle of #$%#ing no where
  20. Area with no jobs has land with low price -walperstyle proverb

    Yeah, I've looked at eastern Canada, you can get so much more. Just so far away from work, and the Rockies.
  21. where I'm looking is in northern Ontario. about 20 minutes away from Timmins (which is middle of #$%#ing nowhere granted).

    my plan is to build a type of rent a cottage thing for hunters/fisherpeople. the pre fab cottages are fairly cheap and go up really really easily.

    EDIT: that and the area has a very large bear population.
  22. Did all of it come out of your vagina?
  23. Bears are out like crazy in the last few years. A lot of people not hunting them as much.

    I see a black bear about every 3 days out here. I actually got some pictures of some cubs that I'll upload whenever I get back home.

    I love this country. You can survive with a rifle on your back and a tent. So much wildlife. So much fishing.
  24. Toronto will be our next Canada adventure after this upcoming Victoria adventure.
  25. well placed.

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