Take a picture of yourself THIS INSTANT

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Veyronman, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. Don't be sad

    Your nose hair is almost that long!
  2. You and Veyronman were the only two that I saw the picture of and said their name.

    I'd probably said the same with comunista had he posted.
  3. yeah I was super liberal about posting selfies back in the day
  4. Why did you become such a prude all of a sudden. Are you holding out on us?
  5. I guess I've calmed down a lot over the last 10 years.

    I am kinda holding back, too.
  6. inb4 peniors
  7. I'm not getting married it's just that I've given up lookin good in all pictures but wedding pictures. I wouldn't say I'm worried in the pic I was just squinting aka trying to look Asian.
  8. thats not how i imagined you, AT ALL
  9. In what way? It's Sunday, so I'm drinking all the coffee, doing all the laundry, and giving zero #$%#s. Sup/>?
  10. Why do people wear caps at home/all?
  11. i duno, i imagined you like snub or something
  12. who is scooter
  13. some hyper hyper guy
  14. by ze way, how mats is ze fish?
  15. Snapped while shooting some photos at a dealership. Didn't shower, hence the hat. Hair is the shortest it's been in a while. Only hat I have that fits, so I took this pic in front of some Maseratis.
  16. Whenever I've watched Aaron Craft play the last few years, my brain has always just played along that it's Jew Jew Rocket on the court.
  17. Brutus can sit on my dick.
  18. Lets see this collage
  19. You guys are in luck, im just about to do a little bowl-cut upkeep
  20. just got a hair cut my self
  21. your face says "I need to poop"
  22. just got a hair, cut my self
  23. my face says "i'm not photogenic"

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