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  1. Don't know the man, I don't think he would be better dan giancarlo next season, but we'll see. I really would like it more for Alesi to stay there or maybe Jos Verstappen in the Jordan, but it's not my descission<!-- Signature -->
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    I think one of the problems, from what I have read is that sponsors were not exactly jumping all over Alesi. Taku is new and Japanese there is a lot of money to be made. Plus he is damn good!
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    SORRY!!! I kept getting a server error. I did not know I was being posted.
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    I think we will see alot of progress with jordan through Sato, I absolutly hate jordan but I think they need all the help they can get. Jos verstappen is linked to Ferrari when Schumi leaves in 2004
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Knowsbleed</i>
    <b>I think we will see alot of progress with jordan through Sato, I absolutly hate jordan but I think they need all the help they can get. Jos verstappen is linked to Ferrari when Schumi leaves in 2004</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->That would be very nice!

    Where did you hear/read that?<!-- Signature -->
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    How fast does one of these things go to 60??? 0-60 in under 2????????????????????????
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    Sato would be a nice tie to Honda as well.
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    LechoZX: Exactally. I would say a big reason Jordan are doing this is because they like having Works Honda engines. A Japanese person in one of their seats would help this lots. Same with Tagaki (CART driver), who was linked with Toyota if McNish didn't get the seat.. A Japanese person in a Japanese team would have made their day. Im suprised Toyota aren't using Bridgestone tyres, to keep them even more Japanese. I'd probably go down better with the fans.
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    Sato has been the tester in Bar this season, the other team that has Honda engines, and Jordan have signed up Sato because they want to continue having HOnda engines, actually Bar and Jordan compete between themselves because they suspect that maybe honda just wants to supply engines to just one team, and having a japanese driver...<!-- Signature -->
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    The Williams/BMW, the most powerful car on the grid was said to do 60 in 2.5 and 100 in about 4 secs. flat<!-- Signature -->
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    Also the Honda Evo. V10 is a hunk of shit, It lacks the power nessecary to be competitive with the big dogs, It's has reliablility issues that i'm sure can be overcome but I have little faith in the japanese engine builders as far as a normally aspirated engines are concerned. I think we all remember Hondas 40 G.P. wins in the Turbo era<!-- Signature -->
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    I like Jos, and wish him well, but I don't see him driving for Ferrari. Rubbens will get his walking papers next year for sure, and Schumi with get a kid next to him till 2004. I would guess Heidfeld. If Montoya doesn't start f...ing up, I think he will join Ferrari after Schumi is gone. I don't buy this "I have no desire to drive for Ferrari". They can't function without a good driver that pushes the team, and will puy anything for such services.
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    It won't be heidfeld, If its a youngster I guarantee it will be Fernando Alonso<!-- Signature -->
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    HI Bugatti...I think we are forgetting that Honda makes the incredible S2000, which has 120hp/ liter..nobody else does that even if they could, because they eitehr need superior technology or expensive materials to produce that high power from small engine. And being only $32k USD, you can bet Honda relied on good old technology.

    And you really are discounting Honda a little too much, they have to sahre their aerodynamic intakes between two cars, which to tell teh truth are quite sh*t to begin with in terms of handling. How many times did u see Jordan and BAR actually outdragged on the straight? I can count only once to tell the truth. The aerodynamics of the Honda partners leave much to be desired.

    I say Honda will rule the roost once more soon enough. Give them time. They did not buy engine people from Cosworth like BMW did.


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    And you are forgetting Honda's 20-30 wins right after the Turbo era...so I hope you get ur facts straight my friend.

    Starting 1988 3.5 liter naturally aspirated engine were the law, and Honda ruled until 91 did they not? In fact in 1992 they still had best engine, however the Williams with active suspension and semi auto shift was too quick in these areas, and overcame engine power deficit.

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    Lots of people can easily extract over 120hp per liter from a N/A engine, I know of a tuner outfit that makes 135hp per liter N/A from the 3.2 liter BMW straight 6 with the stock rods and crank and only spins to 8,600 and peak torque of 300 at 4,900. I never said honda was bad I just said that there F1 engine are far out engineered by the Likes of BMW, Ferrari and Renault. The Ferraris and Williams always out dragged the Hondas in 2001. I remember Canada and Hockenheim as 2 big ones that stick in my mind...

    I will go over my 2001 tapes again you need further proof. I also happen to know that Honda engine were producing far less power than most of the oppostion. I'll list a few to help you out

    BMW V10, 850-900hp, 900 being the qualifying engines
    Ferrari V10, 840-860hp, These figures include the slightly less powerful Petronas V10s found in the Saubers and Prosts.
    Cosworth V10, 840-850hp
    Mercedes V10, 825-840hp
    Honda RAOO1E V10, 800hp
    Asiatech/peugeot V10, 780hp
    Renault 111 degree V10, 750hp, A technilogical masterpiece but grossly underpowered.
    Ford (98 cosworth, Minardi) V10, 750hp

    Now I'm not trying to cause problems, I just believe we differ in opinons, Later
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    I really am still not worried. Both BAR and Jordan had aerodynamic characteristics that leave much to be desired.

    Honda may take longer, it is proof in the pudding that BMW takes significantly less time to peak, but they fall from grace just as quickly.

    1983 they won a drivers title, only second year in f1, never won again. 2000 they won Le Mans by luck, then did not win again and quit.

    While Honda, long as it may take them, once they start their dominance, they are hard to knock off. Both in F1 and CART, so please you wait and see. Nobody has the win ratio that Honda has.

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    MugendomeNSX, Actually Audi won the 2000 24 hours of le mans. This was BMWs 2nd year back in F1 and they are already having huge success unlike Honda who's been in it much longer. And the buzz around the paddok is that BAR is trying to get BMW power as soon as possible. They are unhappy with the performance and reliability of the Honda powerplant. On to other things, Without bias who do you imagine will win next season? I think it will be ferrari again but I'm hoping for some williams dominance..
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    whoops i was talkin bout 1999 le mans hahah

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    And what right does BAR have to complain about Honda engines? The Jordan with the same powerplant qualified only 0.4 seconds off the pole time in Canada.

    Please dont be like the rest and simply judge on one item alone, the car is a whole package, car, engine, suspension, driver, aerodynamics, etc.

    Can you please rate BAR aerodynamic package? a joke to say the least??

    Now I do not disagree about HOnda being underpowered this year. What I disagree is about them being outengineered in the long run. Honda always wins in the long run. History proves that.

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    And when i say win. i mean WIN. not one year, not two years...try 6 years.

    Nobody would have thought Honda could do it in the early eighties..turbo was a product of Renault. And win they did.

    This is no indication of the future, but I have alot of faith....one or two years in the doldrums does not mean the future is bleak for the pioneer of many things u have in f1 today, for example, fly by wire throttle.

    Just answer me this...do yoou really think The Jordan and BAR cars are on the level of the Mclaren and Ferrari's? NO right? Why dont someone stick this year's Honda engine into a top car....please..be more objective in your judgement.

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    you can't compare hondas success in the turbo era with todays Formula 1 cars, the WHOLE car, The cars today are very different. Don't you think if Mclaren saw success with honda Ron dennis would still use honda as his choice for power. I don't doubt Honda, I doubt the teams that use Honda as their engines. Eddie Jordan is a farce, He is in Formula 1 for all the wrong reasons, I think he's nothing but a sleaze. BAR, They put way too much emphasis on the drivers to do all the work and the car is more of a secondary thing. I remember villeneuve being on the podium twice last season. So don't mix up my words, I dislike honda as a manufacturer so chances are I'm not going to like any of their racing efforts.
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    What did Honda do to you??? geez...
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    Honda's record piss u off?

    Tell the truth I like all manufacturers except Toyota..that is one manifacturer I really despise.

    They won in Rally, but they were found cheating, they have won nothing else. In CART, they had to bribe Chip Ganassi to share Honda secrets with them, and have acheived only their forst couple of wins after 6 years in teh sport. Honda has won 6 consecutive drivers titles.

    Toyota even had the audacity to say Honda was cheating the turbo pop off valve, and surprise introduced one together with CART, and HOnda still won that race. Now that Toyota cant win with turbo, they demand naturally aspirated engines or threaten a pull out of cart...what a despicable manufacturer.

    Honda though, I can only respect...so please share with me why you dont like them.. :(
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    Ron Dennis is tied up with Mercedes, who bought 40% of Mclaren Group before Honda ever announced its return. Rumours are that Ron had met with Kazutoshi Nishizawa...

    Eitehr than that, Honda's cars are top notch...what can live with an NSX at the same horspeower level? Nothing! Handling, acceleration...it is unreal for a car with only 290bhp! Even a Ferrari 355 with 100 extra hp can only just come out equal..and that is so much newer than NSX...what is there to hate?? A dealer piss u off?

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