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    I just hate their cars, everyone of them, The NSX is dated big time, underpowered, The S2000 isn't really a joke, It has enough torque, but the torque is way up high, too high. The only thing Honda has going for it with their cars is reliability, Which I'm sorry to say they don't have for their F1 engines. I actually like Toyota, I like the Supra and the 2JZ engine, I don't really foresee huge success for Toyota in F1 for a long while but they have a good engine design.

    I agree that Honda has had great success in F1 but again that was the turbo era, very different times. Those were times when qualifying engines were producing well over 1,000hp, Those were also times when Lamborghini actually made a difference, I know, but it's true. I understand you really like Honda by your name, Also you do realize that Dome uses Judd V10s rather than honda power right? Anyways, I'm not knocking Honda like I said, I just don't like them, Never did, I don't like any of their ventures...
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    So you dislike a company because of its products? Very good..I dislike Toyota becaus of its actions in MOtorsports...a much better way to judge a company's culture and identity I think.

    Honda products may not suit you, but it suits many more people who actually like the thrill of high rpm engine action..

    And why I like NSX? B4 nsx..ferrari's handled evilly, porsches spun like tops and lamborghinis spent more time in the shop then on the road. In came NSX and it revolutionized the exotic world. Every car from the otehr 3 i mentioned are now far more civilized thanks to NSX..and NSX dated as it is..still kicks some might mighty ass. Its no longer the best, but I love it for what it represented. And it tells about the company who made it, and what a car means to them, to take the road less travelled. I would rather have NSX than Porsche Turbo..call me stupid, but I care more about a car's identity and character than a badge.

    Thanks..its been cool talking to u..maybe we can chat bout other things too. NSX with 290 0-60 in 4.7...supra with 340hp 0-60 in 5.2...hahaha and it doesnt handle like nsx does either....good choice..I've always cared less about looks, and more about performance...S2000 demands driver like ayrton senna skill...not many have it..but it sure makes u feel like it with that engine buzz..My friends like torque down low too...with his VW golf...I spank his ass with my Integra...no torque..all horsepower!!


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    Who gives a rats a$$ about dome anyway... in F3 the dominant car is a dallara Mugen in any country...thats all I need to know
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    Torque isnt everything my friend....NSX has far less torque than any of its japanese rivals, and most japanese rivals easily go over the 300hp level, skyline, lancer, supra...yet NSX's top end is strongest, and handles best....everyone has a torque advantage on corner exit..but nsx corners faster..

    Torque is nice to have, but Honda cars prove, with the right racing line and entry speed, handling and top end is far better weapon..
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    Oh yah...Dome using Judd engines...that is right....because Honda dont make engines for sportscar/ endurance racing....how could we have missed that fact?
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    You know you could cover all that in 1 post, just 1. Ok where do I begin, Lets start with the masters at Ferrari, I've had the privelage of driving a Ferrari F40 in 98, 11 years after it was first introduced, And that car handles like magic, I've also driven a acura NSX ('94) and it handle good I grant you but it's not the best handler. I drove it at 7,000+rpm the whole time, hard through corners and everything and the handling was still mediocre, good, but not special, I've also driven an F355 and that thing felt more stable through the corners than the NSX.

    Porsche has no idenity?? How the most winningest marque in the history of the 24 hours of le mans? They won that race 15 times more than ANYONE else in history, They also won more races in Can-Am than anyone else. You remember the 917-30? The most powerful race car ever built, the 917 series of race cars are considered to be the best race cars ever built. Back to ferrari, They have 12 wins at le mans, numerous Formula 1 grand prix victories (This from a company that builds their own car AND engines). Ferraris racing pedigree is 1,000 times more colorful than any manufacturer from Japan, Porsche also puts Honda to shame 1,000 times over.

    I don't know why you constantly feel the need to defend honda? So, I don't like their cars, Who cares? hundreds of millions of people hate hondas, Also You can't compare the NSX to the supra for 1 reason because N/A cars will always accelerate faster than turbo cars do to the fact that turbo cars have to spool up to get the full potential. When honda builds an endurance car and wins le mans more than say 5 times i'll start respecting them, Remember Formula 1 is a sprint race, not a true test of an engineers potential, I love F1, more than any other form of motorsport, But it's doesn't truly test a manufacturers ability to build the best road cars, since endurance cars are a test bed for road products. I'm done till next time, Later
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    I dont know you, so I cannot comemnt on your driving. If you've been chosen to drive so many good cars, then u cant be bad. However, I do not think you pushed the NSX 10-10ths. If you are caught understeering in the NSX, then you simply have not braked deep enough into the corners to get the full potential.

    I too have driven many cars on the track, including F355 as well as NSX-R, which is truly a gem beyond all others..a normal NSX simply cannot compare. Driving NSX-R with 110hp less than 355 I came out with about 6 tenths over the 355 which is years newer, this on a handling track. Mind you the NSX-R costs no more than a normal NSX. All I want to say is that no other car in the world with the same power rating as NSX can touch it, not ferrari, not porsche. Everyone needs a significant power advantage.

    So, think what you like. NSX GT2 won Le Mans in the GT2 once, and the Japanese Grand Touring NSX has thrashed the FIA GT contenders by some 5 seconds in qualifying annually at the Suzuka 1000km.

    I dont mind you not liking Honda, everyone has their own perspective. There are many loyal fans that will buy nothing other than the brand. I respect Porsche, but my loyalty will always lie with Honda, beacuse their innovation is simply second to none.
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    oh do you know what best motoring video is? They tested the new BMW M3 against the Japanese sports cars...The best active racers in Japan do these comparisons.

    even with 343 hp the new M3 lacks straight line speed against NSX with 290hp, and cannot brake as deep, and understeers much sooner.

    how can a new age naturally aspirated challenger still not be able to challenge?
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    I cant cover all this in 1 post, because I keep thinking of new things to say! Sorry!

    You should also think further, deeper about things. Honda is still a small company ( about half the size of Toyota if you look at financial sheets), whose product line comprises mainly of econo cars. Porsche and Ferrari are there to make sports cars through and through.

    Those two have also been racing for the better half of the century, while Honda had to play catch up..this at the same time they had to dedicate most of their R&D to fuel efficient vehicles.

    Honda's racing efforts are mostly factory backed. Porsche on the other hand sells their GT3's and etc to racing teams who are ready to purchase them on a moments notice...these cars rarely win anything though..as can be noticed in any racing series. Power to porsche when they are serious with a factory effort, it kicks ass.

    Honda, is small. It has not the resources to throw in to all the racing effort, it has to be picky about where to place its racing efforts. Yet have you seen a racing series in which Honda has competed, in which it has not ended up champion? I cant name a single one, whether its F1, CART, BTCC, JGTC, MOTOGP, SuperBikes, F3, I have yet to see them not dominate eventually. And in this I draw my strength of loyalty.

    Yes Le Mans..Honda has yet to see fit throwing money into a prototype effort, but they won GT2 category easily when they tried. I really wait for the day they will do it. They have simply not went for it, you speak as if they have and failed.

    I hope Im not boring you, im not trying to make enemies or anything..I just cant help it when ppl diss Honda without first realizing what the company is all about, its more than what you see on the surface, the management and $ must all be in place.
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    All those racing series I listed, honda is currently in..and spending money..and dividing its small resources..a wonder they dominate anything...

    Have you seen a Porsche factory effort in recent years? mm mm nope...last one i saw was the porsche GT1 in 98...even when they do they focus on one thing, and one thing only...basically Porsche loves Le Mans..
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    I understand how you feel to a point, First of all Honda was in no way dominate in JGTC this last season, The Cerumo Supra won the season (Yay for toyota). If you read your Car mags often you will learn that the NSX hasn't won any major shootout since it first came out when Motor trend dubbed it the best handling car in the world. If it's won anything it would most likely be value as in bang for the buck. I'm sure you've heard that Toyota is building it's own Mid-engined sports car to compete with the NSX, And I also realize that the NSX will be totally redesigned and will have an all new engine here very soon, I've seen both artist renditions of the cars and I think the toyota is much more attractive than the new NSX. I think the NSX will be much more of a car if it gets the V8 honda is promising and more than 400hp. If toyota does well in F1 (God willing) you will even see a V12 appear in the back of the "4000GT" probaby to be called the 5000gt in the case of the V12, I pray for success in Toyota!!!

    Comparing The NSX to anyhting Ferrari has ever built is like comparing Hitler to Martin Luther king. I've driven older Ferraris such as the 246 Dino, 250 GT SWB, and the 365 Daytona and in their time those cars handled like magic, Not better than the NSX of course but Where you say Previous Ferraris handled "evilly" I would like to see what you base that on. The worst handling Ferrari I ever drove was a 288 GTO but what it lacked in Lateral G's it made up for in Great styling and massive acceleration. I feel much better driving the S2000 through corners than I do with the NSX.

    As long as I've been into auto racing I've always heard 1 thing and 1 thing only that the 24 hours of Le mans is the most important race and series a manufacturer can win. So when you say "it's only endurance racing" thats correct. When Honda is on the same Level as porsche or Ferrari when it comes to endurance racing then I will show the proper respect for Honda as a manufacturer and when they have Better results in Current day Formula 1 I will buy 2 NSXs and 2 S2000s. If you want to talk more about this you can e-mail me or If your on AOL we can dwell further but I think the Subject of Takuma Sato has gone way off track here so let me know, Later.
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    yeah, let me have ur aol nick..mine is exactly the same as my nick here..

    Anyway the JGTC NSX had found its stride again by round 5 and often was 3 seconds a lap quicker than opposition in race, all 5 NSX's regularly clocked 1.41's at one of the circuit while the opposition did 1'43 to 45's!! I watched the net broadcast live...Im just sad they did not find their stride sooner, and by the final round there were two NSX's neck and neck at 56 points with the cerumo supra with 58 points languishing at the rear of the field, with no chance of points. NSX kinda did a Benneton this year...from champ to chump to almost champ again..

    Mugen NSX was champ last year, and their speed and handling were superior...especially when u think they lacked the turbo torque by some 180 ft/lbs from rivals.

    I do think the turbo lag inherent is far removed, or at least minimized from such high quality racing as in the JGTC, for the supra and skyline. Dont you think its great, that at least one japanese manufacturer stay true to its way of thinking, and challenge the rest with a NA engine? Yet it has some 20hp above the other two?
    In fact the JGTC NSX has a mandatory 50kg weight handicap over the opposition as part of the rules.

    The two NSX's however, took each otehr out, otherwise, any one of them scoring 3 points or more would have been this year's champ.. :(

    I do agree that NSX is no longer the best, its been eclipsed by newer rivals. Honda does not see fit to keep on upgrading this car slowly..because it is such a small part of its line up, it is really not profitable. Every NSX they sell, they are losing money because of excess factory space used to order make this car, which can be used for other cars. The NSX raised the image of Honda sufficiently though.

    I dont share your enthusiasm for Toyota one bit though.. I hate them to hell, no honour in motorsports, and really if you ask me, they are making each and every model to compete with Honda. The current celica has specs which rival integra-r does it not? MR-S against S2000? does any really even give Honda cars a bloody nose? not really.

    Best motoring did a comparo, one integra-r, one civic-r and one s2000, against 2 Celica SS suspension, Lexus IS300, can you guess who won? The Civic -R with 1.6 liter 185 hp and little torque outdragged the Celica up the hills convincingly. The IS300...should not even be on track. later man.
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    Did you also know that the engine in Celica is co developed with Yamaha? that is right...Toyota, big as it is, lacks the ability to build high output small NA engines. That is one more reason I do not respect them.

    I used to like them a quite a bit, until the episode in CART. In fact I said to myself, if I cant have NSX, I will settle for Supra. But no way now. Do you know anything about CART? Honda has won 6 drivers title straight. But in 1999 Toyota paid Target Chip Ganassis 25 million dollars to switch to Toyota power, which up to then had won absolutely zip for 5 years.

    Come the Tokyo Autoshow. What can one see? The red Chip Ganassi car with Toyota emblazoned on the side pods. On the walls? the 4 championship plaques Ganassi won with Honda power. Any word of Honda on those plaques? Nada..what did Toyota want the Japanese public to think? You tell me...needless to say Honda CEO was sufficiently miffed to want a physical showdown in public..

    Forward two years, Honda power vacated from ganassi finds a home with Penske. Penske wins 2 championships straight. Toyota is lacking steam still, and complains Honda is cheating the pop off valve and behind closed doors develops a new pop off valve, and asks all its teams to test it. Coem detroit race CART tells Honda and Ford they must use this new pop off valve. Honda uses it and still wins. Now Toyota says Naturally aspiraated engines or they pull out.

    Honour? Respect? For toyota? Never again in this life time my friend. Even when they actually won something they were foudn cheating (rally).
    How can you actually like that shit company more than Honda? Because they had a failed prototype program at Le Mans? Come on... :(
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    Hey I added u to my AOL as GTBugatti..

    Yeah I read magazines sufficiently to know Road and Track placed the NSX Type S..yes Type S...not the 94 NSX u drove..second only to Carrera 4 last year. And only because NSX did not have power steering. It ranked above 355, lotus esprit, viper, corvette.

    To quote Road and Track, "With a slightly better steering system or a little more power, The NSX could have easily been standing above them all."

    Motor Trend placed it tops with 0.99g on skidpad against viper, M coupe, ferrari 456, and i dont remember the rest..

    Yeah I agree normal NSX cannot compare to the new age Porsche and Ferrari, but the NSX-R, Type S and Type S Zero...those cars are really yummy..try one soon if you can..I am 999% sure you will change what you think. They have redone suspension and are lightened up. the 94 NSX had an archaic suspension and only 3.0 engine + 5speed. They have 3.2 engine nowadays, + 6 speed and firmed up suspension..

    arrr...lets talk on IM..i have so much to say.. <IMG SRC="http://www.supercarforums.com/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif">

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    hey GTBugatti

    the Minardi engine puts out grossly underpowered 680-720bhp,
    and the Renault puts out 800-820bhp in its final form(with all the bugs worked out)
    and the Asiatech puts out 720-750bhp
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Knowsbleed</i>
    <b>I think we will see alot of progress with jordan through Sato, I absolutly hate jordan but I think they need all the help they can get. Jos verstappen is linked to Ferrari when Schumi leaves in 2004</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    I'll put a good bet that Ferrari won't be on top anymore as soon as Schumacher leaves. They'll go back to their pre-Schumacher losing days which clearly shows that their cars aren't any better than many other F-1 racer constructors.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from MugenDomeNSX</i>
    <b>Honda's record piss u off?

    Tell the truth I like all manufacturers except Toyota..that is one manifacturer I really despise.

    They won in Rally, but they were found cheating, they have won nothing else. In CART, they had to bribe Chip Ganassi to share Honda secrets with them, and have acheived only their forst couple of wins after 6 years in teh sport. Honda has won 6 consecutive drivers titles.

    Toyota even had the audacity to say Honda was cheating the turbo pop off valve, and surprise introduced one together with CART, and HOnda still won that race. Now that Toyota cant win with turbo, they demand naturally aspirated engines or threaten a pull out of cart...what a despicable manufacturer.

    Honda though, I can only respect...so please share with me why you dont like them.. :(</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    AMEN! ;)
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    It's too early to tell how fast is Takuma Sato. He didn't do to well though on the Australian GP but that's just the first race of the season. I agree that Ferrari won't be on top anymore if Michael Schumacher leaves the team. I have confidence that Honda will do well in F1 in the future. I myself a big Honda fan. I have been a Honda customers ever since the late 80's, I own 2 Honda cars. I also agree that Honda needs to make their F1 engine more competitive and reliable for these past 2 years. Honda proves that they can dominate the sport in the 80's with McLaren and Williams, also Ayrton Senna (The greatest F1 driver of all time in my opinion) helped Honda to be on top.
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    HONDA HELPED Ayrton Senna !!!!
    not Ayrton Senna HELPED HONDA~!!!!<!-- Signature -->

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