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  1. So yah, this is almost a humble brag thread...

    but I'm a pretty short (5'6") asian guy and all my previous girlfriends have either been that tall or taller no more than like 5'7sih tho

    Recently, I've been hanging out with this one chick and she's pretty damn hot. Like, in more of a classical/high fashion sense than I usually go for.

    Anyways...I think I'm killin it right now but the issue is...she's kinda tall lol. Like, not tall for a standard person, but against me...She's like, 5'9".

    Personally, I have no issue if she doesn't care, I feel like a pimp.

    BUT it kinda makes me self conscious.

    Anyone else do dis?
  2. I'm 6'1" so not many girls taller but i'd date girls a bit taller as long as they aren't amazonians
  3. I'm 5'9". I feel like it is the tallest a girl can be and still fall in a "normal" range. I sometimes feel awkwardly tall in heels. Like a goddamn giraffe or something.
  4. I'm a tall guy, 191cm, and a couple of months ago I was seeing a girl only a couple of inches shorter than me. Now I'm seeing a real shorty and I love it way more.
  5. funny you say this, Had a 5" gf and it was kind lol, seemed like I dated a dwarf.

    My wife is 5'6 and its fine, but I always liked and preferred taller girls, 5'10 - 6'1. (I'm 6'1).
  6. that's just great.
  7. Yah right? Like...I feel like friggin Danny DeVito a little bit. Ill have to be in tip toes for some shit. Ive been there before but not like this.

    Hahah it feels kinda pathetic to vocalize it like this but it's a real plight.

    #$%# I wish I was a little bit taller.
  8. A girls gotta wear heels right?

    I almost think id prefer if she were to wear a kitty heel or something so I could blame the heels for the discrepancy.
  9. I wish I was a baller
  10. I hate it when I see tall girls wearing some kind of loafers.
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  14. I wear heels every now and then, but they're really not my style. Stilettos feel pretentious at my age unless I'm going to a nice dinner or something. I do wear heeled boots a lot, but otherwise I wear ballet flats.
  15. nothing beats a nice tall girl, in business attire wearing some slick Louboutin's.
  16. Well yeah, if your legs are cankly. I think flats make my feet look dainty. See?

    It's also kind of a regional thing. Chicago doesn't really deal with heels as much (people are walking everywhere), plus I'm kind of hipster-y (no one wears Manolos to go swig PBR).
  17. Yeah, because nothing says "take me seriously, I know what I'm talking about" better than #$%#-me pumps.

    Flashy Louboutin-style high heels with business attire screams immaturity. I have actually had to sit through two separate lectures this week about the perils of dressing like that. You can wear heels to work as long as they're conservative, but the look you're talking about is totally unrealistic for any girl who wants to do better than be a secretary.
  18. secretary usually can't afford these shoes
    unless you mean "secretary" <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  19. 1st #$%# off.
    2nd enjoy your time with her
    3rd if you make her feel nice and content with ya, in her eyes you'll be at least 10' tall.
  20. My point exactly.
  21. i like my girls like i like my cars

    small and with 3 doors
  22. Hell yeah man tall thin with long hair is my weakness. My girlfriend is 5'9" or so and I like when she has heels or heeled boots in and we end up close to the same height
  23. any1 got a standy?
  24. a girl has to be smaller than me, because im 6'2"

  25. I prefer shorter girls too, simply because I find it more attractive. But it you don't really mind, it's a good chance to really free your mind from the issue.

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