Tall(er) Girls

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Amazing Asian, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. If shes your girl friend, yes.

    I dont know. I dont like hint of commitment. Scares the shit out of me.

    And im kinda talking to this other girl a lot roght now too and just wanna figure this out before it gets too deep. Hah.

  2. He's a hater.

  5. Luckily I'm not 5'7".
  6. amazing
  7. Is your mild sarcastic protest to say that you think I'm crazy, or that your experiences differ?
  8. I've dated girls shorter, taller, and around the same height, I'm only 5'8-9" but if it doesn't bother the girl I really don't care.
  9. I personnally prefer taller girls, smaller girls less than 1m78 are not my thing.A taller girl with nice curves and well dressed is always something pleasant to see.
  10. with big boobies and a giant penor
  11. Quit being a #$%#ing moron and a clueless dingbat, will you?
  12. ha, good ol hemi
  13. My wife is 5'11".
  14. oh so you like small boobies and small penor? got it.

    i'm sure woot will apologise for his error, if you just give him some time.
  15. First off, tall women intimidate me, definitely prefer them shorter. I'm 5'10

    Second I'm inclined to agree with CR on work place attire. If a woman wants to be attractive at work and still taken professionally, she should wear items that accentuate her face imo. Too much else and it gets the ball rolling in a completely different direction.
  16. I'm a short dude. And I'm dating a Chinese girl in China and she's about as tall as me, and when she puts on heels she's taller. I don't give a flying #$%# as I'm already desensitized to slack jawed yokels pointing and staring at me.
  17. Current gf, future ex gf, future fiancé, future ex fiancé, future wife, future ex wife is 5'8. Good height I'd say. My previous two gf were 5'3 and 5'11. Height is only an issue when aiming for tall childrens.

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