Talon TSI vs Eclipse GSX

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    Jackass! Talon's & Eclipses are not the same. There is no Mitsubishi in Canada so Eagle bought the rights to make Eclipses. Eagle just changed the bodywork a little put on the Chrysler logo and put a turbo-charger on it! And that is a picture of an Eclipse because on the Talon's the rims are different and the foglamps. Plus look closely at the back end and wing.<!-- Signature -->
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    Just too add my two cents...

    While we are on the topic, I think it really sucks what has happened to the Eclipse. It is now heavier, slower, and requires premium. (not that premium was'nt a good idea on any turbo) All this for a trendy style.<!-- Signature -->
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    And the Eclipse has a turbo version just like the Talon. There is the FWD GS-T and the AWD GSX.<!-- Signature -->
  4. 93 Talon Baby!!!

    God I love Talon TSI AWD's. I am probably getting a car soon and I know that the Eclipse is more expensive and everything so that is out of the question, but...

    Are they older model Talons faster then newer model stock, same model and everything???

    I have heard that with just boost controler and all the free mods for older TSI AWD talons is easier and alot more easy to work with then newer ones.

    I got a friend that just got a TSI talon ( not AWD ) and he loves his car. Got a new one, said that he did not like the blow off valve. Said it was cheap looking and did not work well.

    I am confused, love Talons...

    Also, better buy 91-94 Talon TSI AWD or 95-98 TSI AWD Talon?
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    Just an FYI for all you retards out there.... Eagle Talon, Mitsu Eclipse, and Plymoth Lasers ALL CAME/COME FROM THE SAME FACTORY IN NORMAL,IL. All 3 cars were a joint venture between mitsu and chrysler. the ONLY diffrences in the cars are... the ground effects, rear taillights and spoilers, and a small little logo on the stearing wheel, thsthats it! go to www.clubdsm.com and find out for yourself. I take that back, there is one other diffrence, Talons had black tops (90 -94). Mitsu headed up all production but eagle and plymoth were there so mitsu could sell theirs cars toother rettards that were stuck on the domestic name. Im sick of people thinking these cars are diffrent, i loved the first comment on this post

    "This talon looks like an eclipse. Its just an american way to try and get money from a foriegn car. Im sorry but a Eclipse GSX will kill this car. Its just a mitsubishi way to say byebye american wanna be!"

    that gave me a good laugh for about 3 days... im sure my fellow DSM-ers loved it too<IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif"> (whats up guys?! see you at norwalk!!)

    oh another FYI for SHOboy if you're out there... the DSM 2.0 litre turbo engine can handle around 28 Psi without having to replace rings and pistons, suck on that for awhile. you can put about 10 - 15 grand into a DSM and put it in the low 10's and you put 40 grand into a Taurus SHOpper and run 12s?? I had a feeling you were on the net lookin for porn or something and accidentilly came accross this forum, got pissed and took out your sexual frustration on the forum here only cuz a Talon whooped u in a race and u were forced to go home and masterba... well im not gonna get into that one. hmmm the only ford i would recomend is the contour SVT just because it was headed mostly my Mazda and has a 6 speed....

    there is my 2 cents have fun with it <IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif">
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    OK, to clarify a lot of thing here....

    For starters, a Talon and an Eclipse are the EXACT same car. The only difference will be the rims, front bumper, side skirts, spoiler, and tail lights.

    I'm fron canada and all TSi's are AWD same with the Eclipse which would be the GSX. In the USA, only there is it an option for the FWD turbo setup. The Talon TSi is still called the TSi, only badging will be different, IE: in Canada it says AWD TURBO(side skirts) and TSi AWD(back bumper), in the States it will just Turbo and TSi.

    Even the interior is the same... Trust me, they r the same car...
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    I prefer to get the Eagle Talon TSI over the Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX because both of them are exactly the same car and the Eagle Talon TSI is cheaper. Why pay more for the exact same thing when you can get it cheaper?
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    Hey DSMfan, How come i have a 91 laser AWD??HUMMMMM

    FP Green Turbo
    660cc injectors
    3" turboback exhaust
    Level 10 Automatic and,
    A new 1/4 mile time of [email protected] 126mph

    How about that man?
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from redatdsm</i>
    <b>Hey DSMfan, How come i have a 91 laser AWD??HUMMMMM

    FP Green Turbo
    660cc injectors
    3" turboback exhaust
    Level 10 Automatic and,
    A new 1/4 mile time of [email protected] 126mph

    How about that man? </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Man, how much for the Green? I want one of thse in the worst way, can find a good price, I think you can oly get them through FP.<!-- Signature -->
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    you can get the FP Green at turbotrix at least but I think it is around the same price.

    I plan on running a green when I do my turbo upgrade, redatdsm, can you tell me how it spools? I've heard it spools like a 20g but I've seen some fast spooling 20g's. By the way is your 91 laser on the dsm dragtimes page? If so what number are you?
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Josh</i>
    <b>Finally some people are talking some sence. yes the two cars are the exact same in 1996 mitsibishi bought 50% of chrysler. so since they own 50% a lot of the cars were the same like the Summit and Colt and various other cars. between the cars there were very few difference and when it came to andything under the hood they were the EXACT same no difference what so ever.
    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Uhh, no they didn't. Mitsubishi and Chrysler partnerd up to build cars in the early 80's and did so till 1998. Mitsubishi never owned any of Chrysler let alone half. Its just like Mazda and Ford and GM and Toyota to give a couple of examples.
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    i prefer american cars jap is crap
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from WakkaWu</i>
    <b>i prefer american cars jap is crap</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    I just wanted to immortalize these brilliant words......<!-- Signature -->
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    The green turbo spools like a Big16G in the way i have tuned it, plus i have forged 9.0 to 1 compression pistons and forged rods too, stroker 2.2liter hahahahahahahahaha..... Spoolen like a dream!
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    just stop all the damn fhighting they are the samr #$%#in cars here people! i mean shit u's act like some damn fools some times!
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    Talons and Eclipses are the same thing. But DAMN, Firebirds are WAAAAAAAYY faster than Camaros. I mean, they are so much cooler looking. All Camaros have a crappy 3.8 V6 and the Firebirds have 5.7 V8. That is kick ace.

    P.S. I hope everyone gets what I'm saying. I don't mean to knock the F-Bodys, just needed to make a point. There are lots of cars built on the same platform with different body styling. S-10 and Sonoma. Yukon and Tahoe. Lexus ES and Camry. I35 and Maxima. G35 Coupe and 350Z. Camaro and Firebird. Talon and Eclipse and Laser. 3000GT and Stealth. Sebring and Stratus. The list could go on, but I'll stop.
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    Uh, Camaros come with the 5.7L.....
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    if they're the same, then i'll take the Eclipse. but then again i was always going to take the Eclipse.
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    This really isn't related but my friend has a 96 2gen eclipse with a Dodge engine (it even says Chrysler on the engine) and I have an Eagle 97 TSI AWD(Eagle and dodge were both owned by Chrysler) with a Mitsubishi engine. Just thought it was kinda funny.
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    Personally I purchased my '95 Eagle Talon TSi AWD because of the availability of after market parts (because of compatibility with the more popular eclipse), It was a little cheaper then getting a GSX, and most importantly NO ONE HAS ONE!!! Everyone and their F'ing mom has an Eclipse! And they are all the crappy n/t RSs and GSs. So when you roll up not only do you get noticed but people are intrigued and impressed!
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    Umm... wow we now know how much you know about DSMs, mr ferrari boy.
    That is a 1997 Eagle talon TSI awd with 17" factory alloys. They were made in the same factory on the same assembly line by the same poeple using the same parts. EAGLE was the renamed AMC btw and it was a joint effort by both companies, much like Daimler and Chrysler today.

    The foglamps and rims and wing are a dead giveaway that it is a talon, plus the side strakes. That picture was actually lifted from the eagle talon brochure that used to be online. those rims were only available on the TSI AWD for 97 and 98.

    The GSX and the TSi AWD are the same car with only the nose tail headlights foglights and either door skirts or side strakes being the only difference. The weight difference is minuscule between them but the talon is lighter. howver the variations in trim and fuel onboard overshadow this minute difference.

    The new E clit is not worth of the name, just a dressed up Galant family and womens car. it is NOT a sports car or even a sporting car.

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    Then he should buy a mitsubishi eclipse. what can be more american than a car designed produced and manufactured by AMERICANS in the USA.

    Don't buy a ford or a GM or even a Chrysler and they are made partially overseas and shipped back whether it be parts, design, or subassemlies, or entire vehicles.
    buy a nissan or toyota or mitsubishi. they employ americans!


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