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  1. just get a faux hawk. that will show them you are punk rock.

  2. Already have one.
  3. Also this was supposed to be in the mohawk thread.
  4. if you do that then you deserve to be bald
  5. u gonna hav ur work cutt out tryin 2 correct every1 here
  6. wow
  7. doubt it cos hemispaz cant use grammar properly for shit
  8. It's your #$%#ing hair. You may as well have fun with it.
  9. its your foreskin might as well become a jew
  10. I like your arguments chris, but the problem with it is that hair grows back whilst foreskin doesnt
  11. dont know ive never tried have you
    you should
    let me know
  12. ask w00t
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  14. can we get some jews in here plz
  15. reminds me one of my friends who i did biology with at uni now does research on skin cancer, and uses discarded babies foreskins to do experiments on
  16. that stuffs good
    its an rlq delicacy
  17. This sounds vaguely like something I once heard on Qi. I seem to recall there was some sort of a foreskin tangent at one point.
  18. " Like, congratulations asshole, you're not gonna be 19 and stupid forever, you know. One day you're gonna be sick of being reminded of how stupid you were as a kid. What kind of person wants to carry that shit on their arm the rest of their life?"

    That's one of the main reasons I would ever have a tattoo. So that when I grow old, I'll be reminded what I once was, my youth. Too many people grow old and end up being miserable old farts, at least I'll have a gentle reminder to what I used to be and try to live up to it - to a certain extent.
  19. because you need a tattoo to remind you of your youth.

  20. Oh, definitely not. But when you get consumed every day about work, kids, obligations of any sort, not going out for a beer with friends and so on and so forth, a small reminder of your youth is a plus, IMO. That reminder can be a tattoo, can be anything else.
  21. Srsly, if you need a tattoo to remember, you're simple
  22. I prefer square simplicity to sheer shallowness like turning down a girl because of a tattoo lol.. which quite frankly I don't buy it; you just happened not to like them that much, the tattoo was just an excuse.
  23. It wasn't the only reason, no. One of many. Maybe the least offensive to admit to her face when she's asking you to be her boyfriend.

    Call it shallow if you like. I prefer to call it being true to myself. Since I know tattoos bug the shit out of me, it wouldn't be fair to the girl for me to date her and go on pretending like I appreciated the try-hard self expression she had permanently marred into her skin, nor would it be fair to me to allow myself to settle for some tattoo'd white trash.
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    I kind of want a classic-style (think sailor jerry) heart on my chest with "Mamma" on it.

    i love my mother

    Wheelman approved?

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  25. do you have photographs of your grandparents

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