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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by hamtamtamble, May 30, 2006.

  1. take this opertunity to post pics from a sports team you used to play on/still play on. I will start, here is my lacrosse team from this year (currently playing on).
  2. Holy shit how tall is that scary #$%#er in the middle?
  3. I just feel like posting this.
  4. Wow! 7 foot dude FTW!
  5. The win.
  6. 6'9" ~300lbs
  7. Damn im glad im not in his lacrosse league...
  8. I've only been on one team. A Pop Warner football team when I was in seventh or eighth grade. I don't have a team photo here. I don't know if it still exists.
  9. I notice he let you wear his jersey for the photo...
  10. ye olde track picture.
  11. I didn't know jails had track teams?!!??
  12. not really a team photo, but it works to illustrate
  13. Tie your shoes.
  14. why would i want to do that, its more interesting if i trip during the game
  15. sipilaaaaaaa
  17. i can't find any of my hockey pictures anywhere
  18. geez you never told me you made captain. #$%# I shoulda played, we'd have rocked shit together.
  19. To 'iampingpong'. Your team photo.
  20. those mexicans are chugs
  21. hella chugs
  22. that really wasn't funny at all.
  23. *wagonburners?

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