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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by hamtamtamble, May 30, 2006.

  1. That wasnt funny at all. Stop trying so hard.
  2. who's huGrant?
  3. But doesn't that man look like Jesus Christ?
  4. he doesn't look anything like jesus, do you even know who jesus was?
  5. Legit. My highschool team twice over. First, the Varsity 8 my senior year at National Championships, and second the entire team this year with myself as Novice Coach at Regional Championships:
  6. the 2nd pic: where's bigewaldo?
  7. He looks so much like a jew its not funny, btw who is that tough guy wannabe stoner in your Team pic, the large portrait on the top. Looks like one of those kids who has been abused by their parents at a young age and left with a priest to care, then the priest did his job og abusing too.
  8. Nobody knows what Jesus looked like. But we Do know he was middle eastern, that man is not middle eastern. Stop being an idiot.
  9. I think he's the dude behind the dude in the blue on the top left corner.
  10. LOL, that would be me, but i am not a stoner at all, nor am I a wannabe tough guy. I was never abused by my parents, and i dont go to church. I don't think you could possibly be any further off target.
  11. You know he looks like Jesus from the art depictions and the Last Supper, he's a Jew, mabye Jew Jew Rocket? (The Jewish boy who has a rocket penis?)
  12. HuGrant is making everything unfunny.
  13. I was just pulling you leg, you are cool man, its just the Mexicans and the Jew face I don't like.
  14. the mexicans are actually native indians
  16. Steve Nash looks #$%#ed up. "Peace"..
  17. Yes because that kid has long hair and a big furry beard...
  19. I fail life, I will now self-destruct.

    After I have sex with George Bush first.
  20. now your a litte better

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