Teen Creates Solar Death Ray

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by crossroads, Feb 1, 2011.

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  2. Pretty cool actually
  3. Some undergrads built one from scratch at my university. Didn't seem to work as well as this one, though. They probably dicked up the parabola.
  4. guess who never gets laid
  5. A tunable version would be supa sweet. Then you'd have a proper death ray. Until then, it's pretty limited in its application.
  6. he built a backyard laser

  7. I dont know how he didnt burn off his fingers?
  8. Not all of the bright areas are concentrated enough to do any real damage. Like when he was holding a rock with the pliers, and whole rock and the pliers tip were lit up, yet only a little dot in the middle of the rock was burned. That's where it was the most concentrated.
  9. i built a huge lance. oh wait, it's attached to my body.
  10. what a terrible joke.
  11. What if, at the end of the arm where the receiver should be, he fixed one of these to concentrate the rays further. Would that be better, or worse. Better with the lens, or worse.
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    so the average amount of energy the lit half of the world receives from the sun is about 680 W/m^2, however he is concentrating this energy (of approx. 1m^2, lets just say for the sake of simplicity) onto an area approximately 1x1cm, or an area of 0.0001m^2, so that 1x1 cm area is receiving 680 W, or 6800000 W/m^2, or 6.8 Megawatts per square metre, or the same amount of energy this powerplant can generate http://nationalpowersupply.com/powergenerators/68megawattpowerplant.html

    this is assuming that area is receiving 680 W/m^2, as it is a sunny day, its probably getting even more

    dont #$%# with the sun
  13. wow, nerd post right here ^
  14. If the parabola is constructed accurately, you can't focus the beam any better than it already is. Most lenses are spherical (because its much, much easier to grind a spherical lens), so its focusing ability would actually be worse than the parabola. Probably easier to build a parabolic dish than a parabolic lens, at any rate.
  15. Haha, I appreciate this post because I'am blind
  16. With that much solar energy being concentrated into one spot, I would think that you wouldn't be concentrating it further - you'd melt the glass!
  17. i visited an optician recently
  18. i get the joke
  19. Just look at the sun for an hour. InstaeyedeathAlmostinstaactually
  20. Did he dig up Tesla's specifications or was inspired by Tesla?
  21. this has nothing to do with tesla in any way.

    Tesla was an electrical guy, not an optics dude.

    Not to mention parabolic mirrors had been around a long time before tesla.
  22. They use things similar to this all over the Himalayas to boil water where cutting down trees is prohibited, or there's no trees to cut down.

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