Teen tries to rob 84 year old Marine

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Will939, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. he didn't over think it, it's just what you're referring to isnt that funny or anything, but rather fits an old Marine getting mugged by some shithead teenager at knife point quite well.
  2. It worked and was badass. He kicked him then kept walking. Shut the hell up
  3. A real marine would have tried to sign him up. FAKE.
  4. Seansvette lol!
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  6. Nigga, I overthink EVERYTHING.
  7. in other news: marine save God from heaven vs hell deathmatch.
  8. Collateral with Tom Cruise, I was actually very impressed.
  9. This sounds extremely familiar. Wasn't there a post much like this about a year ago?
  10. Collateral.
  12. this happens periodically, because teens are invariably retarded, and seniors are invariably veterans of foreign wars.
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  14. stop thinking brain person
  15. stop thinking brain person
  16. He is an ex-solder from the 101st.
  17. That'll teach the little #$%#er

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