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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by dalla, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. It is a Healey 100/6 fitted with a Ford 289 V8.
    I need to sell my Super Seven first though, but i have got an offer on it, and eventhough it is a bit low, i might do it to get this. What do you think?
    I just love those wide Borrani wire wheels. Just a shame they are a bit too wide for the arches.
  2. That is pretty awesome.

    Seriously but, I wanna see you actually DO something, instead of just talking about it. (no offense).
  3. Yeah i know. Still a bit torn to what i want. But i have decided i want to try something else. Have mailed the guy and can hopefully view it tomorrow.
  4. What happened to the Europa idea? So much better than this.
  5. Awesome car, Go for it.

    Edit : BTW, How much have you been offered for your car?
  6. I think this and the Europa are my favourites.
  7. I like Healey's as much as the next man, but they're too tweed jacket and pipe smoking. They're the rad car you buy when you retire.
  8. why do you want to get rid of the seven?
  9. Yeah. This is pretty much the same thing, only it handles worse.
  10. get that, but with the standard engine
  11. What are the options besides this? Cause this is pretty cool.

    Perfect color, perfect interior, I would go for something with a original engine altought that would look #$%#in rockstar in a Shelby Cobra meet. lol
  12. I don't have a whole lot of different options to be honest. I just want to try something different. TBH iam fed up with the S7, parts are a nightmare, and weather gear are also a problem. So it is very limited use i get out of it.
    I like this because of the Ford V8, it is a bit different. There is a few concerns though, left door looks like it has a massive panelgap. and the wheels look a bit to wide. But other than that it looks pretty resonable.
    My dad actually got an original engine for these cars. Iam going to view it tomorrow.
  13. a V8 in that would be so awesome to drive. the wheels look great too. I would prolly do it.
  14. It is quite a good price too
  15. I was gonna mention the wheels but I figured I was just being picky.

    how about getting something along the kit car lines?
  16. I think it looks elegant, but the tires give it that muscular look. And starting that thing would be awesome. Alot of people would be like "uhhh wtf"?
  17. Went to see the car today. It was nice but had some issues. First thing was the wheels, they are defenietly too wide. But they are genuine borrani's from an old Ferrari, so i imagine the they are a fair few bucks worth. Other thing is the doors, they need to be proper alinged, but i dont think thats too bad to do. The interior is basically nice, but a little rough in some places. Engine swap looks really tidy, and enginebay in general is very clean. The paintwork could do with a pro polish, but it isn't too bad. It has a couple of scratches that can be repaired aswell. All in all it was ok. Then i had a test drive in it, and i was Convinced. OMG it is fast, much faster in a straight line than the seven. So i have mailed the guy and accepted his offer on the Seven, so now we will have to see if he bites.
    The seller told me it used to owned by a californian car collector whos wife sold it after his death. Apperently the guy had 345 cars, his name was something like Thomas Rugeri or something like that. Anyone heard of him?
  18. awful compared to your seven. don't do it.
  19. sooo much better than that C4 vette
  20. lol true that
  21. Awesome!

    EPIC WIN if you do a Mille Miglia decal job, ad drive aroung with a coconut helmet and goggles.

    I guess the wheels are so wide cause they are ferrari off-set them. what diferential and front suspension is it running. You could always sell them and get a set o wire wheels with better offset, it will suit the look better.
  22. MAN! I just noticed! you're such a ass for not posting here the pics you posted on Pistonheads

    BTW, the tires look huge
  23. LOL

    Uploading pics here is such a hassle
  24. cool, keep us informed.

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