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  2. i hate how some noob always steals the panther
  3. Yes quite annoying maybe. Shourld steal America famours "Willy's Jeep" instead.
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    Good idea for a thread.

    How about this massive behemoth, the Char 2C?
    Largest tank ever built, even had its own electrician, mechanic, radio operator, and 9 other crew men.

    Interestingly enough there's topics about this tank that state it was never used for battle, but rather to gather morale for the French public during the early stages of WW2.

  5. pretty awesome
    what would the electrician do
    does he fix it when the lights go out
  6. i guess so, lights, radio, maybe a few other things. as somebody put it "it's basically a submarine on land with tracks" (referring to the size and equipment as well as number of crew)
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    In that Landkreuzer P1500 have only 25cm conventional steel armor in front, something any modern APFSDS penetrate like loose gweilo vagina even if weight 1500 tons, cannot cross bridge or move anywhere. Europe like China is full of river, need to cross bridge to move.

    Maybe not use like tank, more like "Dora" heavy artillery piece, crush Sevastopol fortress. Germany shourld have buirld more V-2 missile instead of this obsolete machine, much long range, cheap price and easy to move.

    Also shourld buirld more Panther G, big enough to kill any WW2 allied tank at any range and survive hit from most allied tank at 1000m.
  10. Hitler have quite small penis maybe.
  11. Leave Eva Braun unsatisfied and alienated, maybe Braun cheat with handsome SS-officer, Hitler want bigger and bigger tank.
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  13. Maybe, I don't know how standard having a D-E drive train would be in Germany at that time, though it would have been very effective. Also as viable would have been to use a diesel-hydraulic set up in a tank, as they already had loads of trains with this propulsion.
  14. Yes that also. ZF semi-auto tranny go bang if crawl 200 ton tracked machine over Kursk ground holes and minefierlds.
  15. Also quite interesting how fast Germany WW2 tank go from drawing board to service, only maybe 1-2 years. Most modern tank take 10-15 years to do that.
  16. badass russian tank KV2
  17. ^ 152mm porta-potty
  18. How much lineage can the Leopard 2 and M1A1 demonstratably take from the MBT-70? If its very much, you could probably crank that developmental life up to two decades.
  19. I don't know about the drivetrain but armor, armament and suspensiorn is very different in MBT-70 compare to Leopard 2 and M1. So maybe not that much.

    But long develop tank time is not only lazy cheeseburger gweilo problem, Soviet Association also develop design like T-64 long time. Maybe is war speed things up.
  20. Tsar tank, The biggest tank ever made.

    Quote from wikipedia;
    The Tsar Tank (Russian: Царь-танк), also known as the Netopyr' (Нетопырь) which stands for pipistrellus (a bat, Летучая мышь) or Lebedenko Tank (танк Лебеденко), was an unusual Russian armored vehicle developed in 1916–1917 by Nikolai Lebedenko (Николай Лебеденко), Nikolai Zhukovsky (Николай Жуковский), Boris Stechkin (Борис Стечкин), and Alexander Mikulin (Александер Микулин). The project was scrapped after initial tests deemed the vehicle to be underpowered and vulnerable to artillery fire.

    It differed from modern tanks in that it did not use caterpillar tracks—rather, it used a tricycle design. The two front spoked wheels were nearly 9 metres (27 feet) in diameter; the back wheel was smaller, only 1.5 metres (5 feet) high, triple wheel, to ensure maneuverability. The upper cannon turret reached nearly 8 metres high. The hull was 12 meters wide with two more cannons in the sponsons. Additional weapons were also planned under the belly. Each wheel was powered by a 250 hp (190 kW) Sunbeam engine.[1]

    The vehicle received its nickname because its model, when carried by the back wheel, resembled a bat hanging asleep.

    The huge wheels were intended to cross significant obstacles. However, due to miscalculations of the weight, the back wheel was prone to be stuck in soft ground and ditches, and the front wheels were sometimes insufficient to pull it out. This led to a fiasco of tests before the high commission in August 1915. The tank remained in the location where it was tested, some 60 kilometres from Moscow until 1923 when it was finally taken apart for scrap.
  21. thats gay as shti
  22. thats steampunk as hell
  23. Those wheels are balling.
  24. ridin' on 300s

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