Discussion in '1995 Jimenez Novia Concept' started by 1970Chevelle454LS7, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. other than the 0-60 time
    this car is one of the worst things i've ever seen
    ugly as shit
    underpowered considering the massive engine
    absolute crap i say
  2. Re: terrible

    I completly agree
  3. made by one person!!!!!!!!
    now say that again and see you try
  4. yeah, this thing sure looks like a piece of s**t. Btw? whats the handling and aerodynamics on this car? if you ask me, I'd say it looks like a drag car
  5. rite, for all u uneducated fools, this engine may not have some mental bhp/capacity ratio but it beats may other car and wha makes this such an amazing performer is its ultra light wieght, the engine more gthan likely greatly contributing to this, and if properly set up, a car of that weight should match the best around a track, who cares about looks, its a race car iun reality and should be treat as 1
  6. ugly car. No styling cues whatsoever

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