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    Toby Hagon 09/02/06

    Part-time soft-roader, part-time family car and – now – part-time race track wannabe.

    Ford’s Territory off-road-style wagon has added another trick to its repertoire with the unveiling of a turbocharged version at this week’s Melbourne motor show.

    The unimaginatively-named Territory Turbo is confirmation of Ford’s worst kept secret, following the trickle of scant details and grainy pictures of cars undergoing validation testing in recent months.

    With the Falcon XR6 Turbo’s turbocharged 4.0-litre six-cylinder beneath its stumpy bonnet, the Territory’s regular 190kW of power has jumped 29 per cent to 245kW. Torque from the Turbo is 480Nm, providing a performance alternative for those chasing V8 performance. (From the outset, Ford said the Falcon’s 5.4-litre V8 didn’t fit under the bonnet of the Territory, sparking speculation of a turbo-powered Territory).

    All turbocharged Territorys come with the recently-introduced six-speed automatic transmission, which is also used in various BMWs and Jaguars.

    For the extra grunt of the Turbo customers will be asked to pay an extra $10,000-odd, which also brings with it a smattering of extra equipment, including a reversing camera.

    As well as dual exhausts and 18-inch wheels and tyres (up from the 17s on regular Territorys) the Territory Turbo is visually differentiated with dual exhausts and a Subaru WRX-style bonnet scoop to feed air to the intercooler mounted on top of the engine.

    Ford engineers – who are at pains to point out that the Turbo project was more difficult than “simply slotting an engine in” - opted for a top-mounted intercooler rather than the front-mounted one on the XR6 Turbo to protect it from potential scrapes with nature for the handful of drivers who will actually take the wagon off-road.

    “The turbo Territory project provided us with many challenges … it was an extensive engineering project,” says Trevor Worthington, Ford Australia vice president product development. “Our engineers undertook a full development program to ensure the total vehicle outcome based around the iconic turbo engine was optimised.”

    For now, all Territory Turbos are all-wheel-drive, which means they can cope with light off-road work, although Ford admits most will remain in the comfy confines of suburbia.

    The 18-inch tyres provide greater cornering grip, while bigger brakes aim to more capably halt the extra performance. Suspension is unchanged over the regular Territory, although the electronic stability system (marketed as DSC) has been re-calibrated for the gruntier engine.

    Fuel economy – not a strong point of the Territory – will be worse off thanks to the added performance, although Ford is keeping quiet on exactly how much more owners will be paying at the bowser.

    Due in dealerships in June, the Territory Turbo will initially be offered in two guises – Turbo and Ghia Turbo. The Turbo is roughly based on the entry-level TX, which sells for $43,990 as an all-wheel-drive; so expect a price tag close to $55,000.

    The flagship Ghia gets all the leather trimmings as well as more electrics, pushing the price to around $65,000.
  2. looks like an escape in that pic
  3. I want to see this + APS Phase 3 or similar.
  4. it should have XR lights.
  5. This is down like a clown, charlie brown!
  6. Whats with the bonnet scoop?
  7. might have top mount cooler

    yes, I'm right

    "and a Subaru WRX-style bonnet scoop to feed air to the intercooler mounted on top of the engine."
  8. I lol @ you not reading the article you posted.
  9. shame that they didn't do much of a bodykit style thing to differentiate them from NA Territory.
  10. i agree it should have XR6/8 headlights, then it would look awesome.
  11. I lol @ it also.
  12. Because no-one ever saw this car coming....
  13. What's the point in sticking a turbo in a barge like this?
  14. make it less of a barge.
  15. I never first read articles that are just explaining a new car. First I post, then maybe later I will read.
  16. You're shit.

    Hogg is fielding well.
  17. Turbos remove weight and make physical dimensions shrink? No wonder my car feels small with 4 people in it.
  18. makes it move faster/seem less tank like
  19. NIZPRO KIT ~~!
  20. performance? will it give a forester GT a run for the money?
  21. I laugh at fast soft roaders, they only travel in straight lines.

    With the exception of the Forrester.
  22. i would think so.
  23. pfff x5 4.8? cayenne turbo? range rover sport supercharged?
  24. Maybe if they lower it... and shread about 200kg. then it would be nice.
  25. All are of course classed as softroaders.

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