Tesla builds quickest production car.

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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/news/tesla-unveils-world-apos-fastest-083420557.html

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  2. game changer
  3. It also says base model. So does that mean it'll have ludicrous mode too?
  4. Frickin 8.9 seconds in the quarter mile.

    It's really weird having this car, and then all of these super expensive strung out exotic hypercars with decades of engineering and technological improvements, screaming v12s, whining superchargers, bellowing and popping v8s... all the best of the best from storied and legendary manufacturers, and *plop* here's our electric roadster faster than everything you can make.
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  5. Frickin' A
  6. Indeed, and you don't void your warranty.
  7. speed is speed. you can get a fantastic sense of speed in a go kart. you can get unbelievable momentum in a maglev.

    EVs are soulless things. I don't envision this or any other EV pulling down millions at barrett jackson. I can't love it, not even on a technical basis. there is something missing other than just the drama of an ICE. I'm not impressed by the numbers because there's no reason to believe that this is particularly impressive for an EV. and comparing it to ICE just feels like comparing a turbine car to ICE.
  8. Except a go kart isn't street legal, isn't very streetable, can't seat 4, doesn't have luxury anything, and can't store anything. And who cares if it can't pull millions? And who says it won't in 40 years? Sure, a F16 jet is faster, but it's stupid to compare. I've been very anti-EV, but you'd be lying or ignorant to say this isn't impressively quick.
  9. Thing is any car manufacturer could do such a car in matter of months, but apparently consider that too much a financial risk.

    Tesla is the car Apple. More experienced manufacturers could easy do better products, but grand people would still want the trending Tesla.

    Big respect for Musk, he has done well.

    Plus I have not heard much any bad from Model S, so it probably is a quite good car.
  10. EV is the future. The only limits are batteries and infrastructure (i.e the ability to charge quickly anywhere). Batteries are a work in progress, and America is the perfect place to solve the latter issue, because everyone has their own private parking.

    I wonder - why not use this technology in airplanes? Like, for takeoff?
  11. it it's really impressive, but i don't want to compare it to a f16 jet any more than i want to compare it to a Ferrari.

    a lot of things said to be "the future", they're good. But it ruins them. Look at what cell phone cameras did to photography. All images are worthless now. Everyone is a photographer. But even slow cars can pull multi millions at BJ even people are passionate about it.
  12. Imagine being Wolfgang Dürheimer, you've been the head of vehicle research and development at Porsche, you've overseen the development of the Carrera GT, the 997 generation of the 911, the 918, currently you're the president of a brand that's on it's third generation of 200mph+ supercars. The car you've develped as done over 5,500 laps of the Ehra-Lessien test track during development, Multi-time overall Le Mans winner Andy Wallace has driven the cars over 40,000km, Michelin had to use their aircraft tire testing facility on the tires developed for your project because the race car tire testing equipment couldn't simulate the speeds and loads properly, your equipment has simulated years of road use, you've run the engine at redline for 25 hours in a row before approving the design. Your car is actually in production and has been delivered to customers. Electric car man says some numbers and shows off a prototype of a car that you can't buy, everyone on the internet says it's better.
  13. Depends on what it's better at. Will it be better looking? Handle better?
    For the price of the Tesla, I'd still rather have an Underground Racing Gallardo. The Tesla is still amazing though.
  14. Well it will be good at the party trick straight line acceleration, no idea what kind of actual track development it will undergo though, I mean, up until now Tesla hasn't produced a car that can manage even one lap of the Ring at full power. They're pushing the notion that it's a viable alternative to, or replacement of actual supercars, and other high performance cars, and the press is running with it, but that would mean it should be an alternative on an actual track day too, it will be interesting to see how it pans out. Also funny how this announcement causes a media frenzy, while cars like the NIO EP9 and Rimac Concept One are apparently invisible to the press, at least in the US. The Elon Musk effect.
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  16. You realize the Ring is only in one country, right? I'd say 100% of the people getting this car don't plan on taking it to the Ring.
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  17. Yeah, but it's also only 12.8 miles long, a Model S overheated and went into low power mode 3 minutes into a lap, Car and Driver had the Model S P85D go into reduced power mode 40 seconds into a lap of VIR. It's got nothing to do with the specific conditions of the ring, the point is these cars are simply not capable of hot lapping. That's totally fine, they don't have to be, they're EVs, they can do just fine being a high end alternative to the Nissan Leaf. However, when you announce a new car, and your primary statement is that it will be the quickest production car in the world, with an 250mph+ top speed, you're inviting comparison to the highest of high performance cars, and I really wonder how much other development has gone along with those straight line numbers, because we already know what has gone into cars with similar performance. Also, I'm not imagining that every news article and youtube video I see even vaguely related to EVs or supercars has been flooded with comments about how ICE supercars are dead and obsolete. Even actual journalists who I would expect to know better are falling into it, as if they've forgotten everything learned up to this point.

    The stuff I referenced: https://jalopnik.com/heres-what-a-tesla-model-s-can-do-around-the-nurburgrin-1600644908

    Road and Track trying to tell people to calm down: http://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/news/a30536/tesla-model-s-p100d-quickest-not-fastest/
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    I could articulate this a lot better after some sleep, not really getting the point across now, but the fact that so many people are so ready to hail something so far from a fully realized vehicle as better than the best we've ever seen before is disappointing. Especially when the talking point is low speed acceleration numbers, which haven't really even been relevant to supercar comparisons for decades at this point, and don't have much to do with why people actually like them or buy them. As stated above, any major manufacturer could throw together an electric prototype that could produce this performance, but to what end? They don't because doing so wouldn't do much to further the brand, and just plain wouldn't make sense in most cases. In the case of Tesla they have everything to gain and not much to lose besides customer deposits.
  19. Being Apple for cars (at the moment, at least), it's fairly easy to see why Tesla wins the internet.
  20. People hail it because not long ago, Tesla was building fun, electric lotuses. They said they'd build a true long range EV sport sedan, and people said won't happen. Now it's in production and a similarly performing CUV is in showrooms next to it. There's a charging infrastructure nationwide that supports them, and people said THAT wouldn't happen. Tesla has been late with their cars timelines, but they've never not actually delivered on promised performance. Iv'e driven a model S AWD and while it isn't a track car, (and never was meant to be one. The Ring has ruined a lot of otherwise great cars. Ask James May about that) it's a heluva fast street sedan, and not just in a straight line.

    I love EVs, I love the instantaneous, quiet thrust of an electric motor. It's just that most EVs are compromises based on existing ICE platforms, or city use. The Tesla is not and as such, is just plain cool. And it looks good, too boot, which so many don't.
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  21. Yeah, it's not a track car, and that's fine, there's no reason it should be intended as one, or that customers should use it as one. The thing is, the entire pitch for this new roadster is focused on it being the quickest car in the world, which is inviting and encouraging comparison to nothing but cars with extensive track development. I feel like trying to pitch the car as a real alternative to that type of car is misleading, but the press is eating it up, and the headlines are probably literally printing money as far as deposits, so I guess it's smart. I also understand that all the comparisons to supercars being made are being done by the media and fans, and not Tesla themselves, but they had to know that would be the result.
  22. Just to keep things in perspective, you're a confirmed PT Cruiser fan.
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  23. It's a good car for the generation who hates cars, loves uber and public transit and wifi linked autonomous cars owned by the state because the human element can't be trusted to maintain and operate a vehicle at high speed when all the other cars move as a single unit, converging traffic between intersections with millimeter precision.

    you know, the amazing wonderful future.
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  24. I love ICE cars and have spent many hours working on, modifying and racing then. I've also been against EVs because they've always been boring like the EV1. This one is bad ass, and if I had enough money, I'd buy one after I bought my turbo Lambo and GNX.
    I also hate public transportation.

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