Tesla builds quickest production car.

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by ETB4U, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. This makes me sad about Tesla not existing here, and EV's not really being a thing at all. We could be the perfect early adapters, and infrastructure is so easy to build here, but noooo... everything's so expensive and we got the failure that Better Place were instead.
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  3. sounds like me
    everyone wants to complain about how bad traffic is and how bad other drivers are, yet dont want the vast majority of people not to drive? sounds like a win win for driving enthusiasts
    yeah this roadster isnt for purists, thats okay right?
  4. Itll be funny in 30 years when almost all cars are electric, and they're all queued up at the traffic lights, with one gas guzzling classic burbling away making a shitton of noise
  5. outlawed, i guarantee it. god help us.
  6. They've been experimenting with electric buses here in town and they make quite a noisy buzzing sound. I love cars, but I will definitely appreciate a quieter downtown.
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  7. I would absolutely love to have this car even if it cannot complete a nurburgring lap at full power. ICEs are inefficient and needlessly complex - they need oil changes, they wear too much, they need air, they need all kinds of insulation to improve the NVH levels. Imagine tuning your car with a few chip upgrades and extra cooling and never needing engine maintenance.

    Tesla was about to launch cars in my country but they didn't. I wish they arrive soon.

    It mostly has to do with what kind of electric wave the motor is being supplied with, I think. Example: Square wave or sine wave. Some have better torque characteristics at the expense of noise.
  8. Actually I think it's the air conditioning unit that's making most of the noise.
  9. I'm impressed, but at the same time I'm not. Tesla is having problems building the Model 3, and now they are presenting a new Roadster like if it's a production ready model? I hope they succeed, but at the moment this is just a concept car.

    I'm pretty excited about the future of EVs, **** the haters. I'll miss the combustion engine, but they are completely stupid, complicated and wasteful. Did you guys see the new Aston Vantage? Imagine that thing with an electric power unit. Quite the elegant gentlemen's coupe, I say. Effortlessly brutal power, yet silent, cool and comfortable. Again, **** the haters.
  10. They are having issues building to the demand of the model 3 from what I understand.
    This roaster is going to be low production. They will manage fine with it. They seem to do fine with the S and the X
  11. Ah, possible.
  12. We’re going to be those glorious assholes you realize
  13. I'll be giving all of them the "get off my lawn" look.
  14. It'll all be screens and automation and none of us will be able to figure it out.
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  15. yes,

    speed is speed

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