Tesla Model S

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  1. I'm either blind or there is no thread about this amazing car.

    I never thought I would lust after an American car but this one I do.
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  2. Yeah I kinda like it.
  3. And the fastest one now has like 700 hp.
  4. friend is in line for the Model X

    if it ever #$%#ing ship
  5. They claim the delay is caused by the rear doors and getting them to work properly but that's the one thing I don't like about the Model X. They should have just stuck with normal doors.
  6. Apparently the model X is going to come in cheaper than a model S. A top of the line model S is $200k here, but you can get a decent mid range model for about $130k. Range Rover Sport Money, or you could slip into an E400. Tough decision.
  7. That would be a hell of a deal if the X is cheaper than the S.

    Either way, the Model 3 is what I'm looking forward to the most.
  8. Trying to get the old man to swap his E class for a model S. They retail for about the same, but you can get a massive discount on the E class and zero discount on the model S.
  9. wouldn't mind getting a Model 3 in AWD, if it ever ships

    do agree on the doors also, its just gimmicky
  10. P85D accelerating to 60mph in 3.17 seconds.

  11. yeah its fast in a straight lane, but american-car-related-jokes-aside, I've heard in some reviews that it's not a good handling car.
  12. I think the general consensus is that it handles well for a luxury car. It's not a canyon-carver by any stretch of the imagination. And it shouldn't be.
  13. Totally agree.
  14. I watched an Autocar video of it and they said it handles well.

  15. I've mostly heard the opposite, regarding the handling.
  16. Tesla Model S is on a short list of cars I want to get after the GF finishes grad school and we need a family hauler or like, whatever.

    It becomes the cheapest luxury sedan you could get when you consider the never having to pay for gas again.

  17. I saw one on UK plates for the first time yesterday.

    I've seen a few already over here but strangely they had Dutch plates on.
  18. they're as common as corollas here
  19. ...assuming you never actually drive anywhere outside the city, yes.
  20. telsa model S is the best overall car produced today.
  21. I just remembered that I saw a Model S Taxi in Munich three months ago.
  22. tesla s is the first mass produced electric car that is cool and doesn't suck
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    Not sure where you live, but there's a supercharger in every direction of chicago, just outside the city and in the city if you start running out of juice on the way home. This is all after just a few years of development, they're nowhere near done. Best of all, they're free, cross country roadtrips that don't cost a thing? Sign me the #$%# up. SIGN ME UP!!

    Look at the map, today theres a lot of these, by the end of the year, a lot more, and in 2016, a shitton. Almost every area of the united states will be within driving distance of a supercharger making any and every path across the country will be possible, most are already.
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    If you try going cross country on I-10, I-20, I-30, I-40, I-44, I-80, or I-94 you're #$%#ed. Actually, you're only gravy if you take I-70 or I-90. You'll notice that's the minority of trans-midwest routes. Enjoy Kansas, because you need to go through it.

    I know you're trying to be impressed with the charging network, but it just isn't impressive at the moment. And that's peanuts compared to the number of actual gas stations. You still have to plan your route around charging stations - you can't just drive and trust your ability to stumble across one like you can with gasoline.

    Maybe I'm a dinosaur, but I'm not gonna call a luxury car that tethers you to a limited network some sort of bargain, even if re-fueling it is free. And that's not even getting into the whole time issue.

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