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    Yeah we all know the USA is massive, but It's a good job Tesla knew that too. They've installed a lot of charging stations already and will continue to do so. You're a clever guy so being facetious does you a disservice - you know an infrastructure as big as this will take a fair amount of time to implement - especially considering their plans are global.


    scroll down to the map and have a look at their 2016 target. There will be plenty.
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    Although this is just from one source I've heard and read similar statistics over the last few years:

    "For individual trips, 95% is below 30 miles and 99% is below 70 miles. When driven distance is aggregated over the whole day, it is found that ~95% is below 120 miles and 99% is below 250 miles. Car commuting distances were found to average 12.6 miles nationally, with 95% below 40 miles and 99% shorter than 60 miles"

    http://www.solarjourneyusa.com/EVdistanceAnalysis8.php (5th paragraph)

    Of course pinches of salt all round, but most of the time you'll be charging your car up at home. Even the lowest capacity Model S has a range quoted as over 200 miles, so if we were pessimistic we could say their estimate is 30% above a real-world range. Even with this considered you'll still be able to drive around all day 95% of the time without charging it so for the other 5% you'll have to go by a supercharger. IMO not a big price to pay considering you're probably spending 1/4 of the amount on electricity as you'd spend on petrol for a normal car.
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    I never count my chickens before they're hatched. Also: facetious is my default state.
  4. IMO they've hatched and are doing well. Now they just need food to stay alive.

    Thankfully momma chicken (Elon Musk lol) has plenty for them, so they'll live on well into adulthood.
  5. A guy at my work test drove one of these Teslas.

    The sales rep talked to him on and on how you never needed to change the batteries. Then a while later when my co-worker asked him (to test the sales guy, my co-worker is a big Tesla fan) if he knew the reasoning behind placing the batteries throughout the floor, the sales rep told him that it was good since it would make it easy to change the batteries. :p
  6. I wouldn't mind the smaller sized 3 model or whatever.

    Pretty sure I'll sign in for the waiting list of the 3 in fact. If I had money I'd get my friend's position in the X waiting line, he does not want the car anymore and he's like early 500s
  7. Fine, even if you pretend the future superchargers aren't a sure thing, you're still ignoring something huge which I brought up earlier.
    If you need to travel more than 250 miles, you can RENT A CAR! Even if you travel that far 3 times a year, the price you pay to rent a car pales in comparison to how much money you save vs gas.

    Really, just ask yourself how often you go more than 200 miles in one go. How often do people you know do it? How many of those trips don't have a supercharger nearby? I don't know why you are so against these cars but whatever the reason, its not range. jeez for the money you save in gas in one year, you can buy a beater to take long journeys.
  8. ^ Pretty much what Atomic said.

    I'd like to see Tesla or some other innovative company to solve the range issue with fuel cells/ flow batteries/ witchcraft.

    Srsly I looooove the P85D so much I want to put my willy in its socket

    Hell, even EVO gave it 4,5 stars and that's a magazine that thinks that anything without RWD, Manual and a N/A petrol engine is from Satan.

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  10. But Africa doesn't have roads so who cares
  11. better question is, why would you drive anywhere in africa? Where you are is shitty, wherever you'd drive to will also be shitty, so why go anywhere?
  12. lol

    To see the hippos maybe

    I don't see the Tesla supercharger infrastructure covering that continent anytime soon though...
  13. I like how you're proposing a $60k car to save gas and seriously think anyone who spends that much on a car is gonna have a "beater" for long journeys. Don't be that dumb.

    I went on just such a journey yesterday. I know people who do that sort of journey a few times per month in this part of the world, and there's nary a supercharger to be found. I know it's difficult to comprehend living in...Chicago (IIRC) but there *are* areas of this vast continent where there's not a whole lot going on. In fact, there are probably more areas like mine than there are areas like yours.
  14. That's all fine, but until the black gold is all gone it's gonna be a *HUGE* convenience factor to be able to re-fuel your personal transport with vulcanized pond-scum. I don't see the Joneses and Johnny Blue-Collar buying Teslas anytime soon, no matter how hard Elon Musk tries to force the Kool-Aid down our throats.
  15. That's Johnny Blue-Collar's loss.

    I'm simply happy that the United States has a successful and innovative car manufacturer for the first time in decades. The Tesla model S is such a good product that they don't really need to even slightly persuade anyone to buy one.

  16. You're talking in circles now. We've went over all this.

    Face it, it might not be the car for you, today. Maybe it will never be the car for you. But it does work with the lifestyle of most people already, and it will continue to fit more and more as the system evolves. Rome wasn't build in a day, and I'm honestly shocked how far Tesla has come in just the short time its been out. By every indication the rate at which they're improving only grows so we will see big things from them I'm sure.
  17. Finally got to sit in one recently (dealership opened in Melbourne). I was impressed by the simplicity of the design and classy feeling. It looks awesome too.
  18. 300,000+ deposits have been put down for Tesla Model 3 in the last week or so. I think the demand might be there. Now only to see if Tesla can deliver.
  19. I love all the quirky elements within the car, like the rainbow road feature that appears on the screen. That would be cool!
  20. I will say, Tesla has done amazing things for advancing electric vehicles.
    Not to mention do two things other companies haven't done with EVs; make them look sexy and quick. P85 is a car I definitely wouldn't mind owning.
    Luckily they were able to make all that money on the carbon credit scam to fund it.
  21. As well as make them quick. Very few cars can keep up with the top-end Teslas from 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph). And pretty much nothing with a license plate can keep up with them 0-60 km/h, not even your 918s and P1s. And we're talking about a 2,5 ton barge here.

    In a quarter mile drag race it's a different story because those induction motors lose peak power above a certain speed (there's only 1 gear). Still, it can keep up with the likes of 911 Turbo S/Nissan GTR which is still very impressive.

    Here's a Tesla model X that is 160 kW/260 hp down on power compared to the most powerful model S while being several hundred kilos heavier, towing a trailer with an Alfa 4C drag racing against an Alfa 4C:

  22. And the good thing is, you can accelerate on full "throttle" over and over without much mechanical wear/worrying about tranny go bang issues.
  23. A rental costs money and when I go on trips I like to take my own car. And it's not like there are charging stations everywhere you go, and you also need to account for the return trip.

    You can't pretend that's not a huge downside to owning the car, at least for now.
  24. A tesla is not for a single vehicle household. At this point in time anyway.You need something with range as well.
    I have my truck. But now my family is seriously looking at a model x as my wife's daily driver. Enough room for the kids. And all electric. If we need to go in a longer range trip then we take my truck.

    Once superchargers are more plentiful then that will change. Or if they find a way to mount the power wall to the roof of your tesla vehicle to act as a secodary battery for longer trips or something.e
  25. Jeremy Clarkson did this 16 years ago with a Range Rover Overfinch towing a Ford Focus vs a Ford Focus on it's own.

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