Tesla Model S

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  1. I remember. That Alfa has a 0-100 km/h time probably less than half that of the Focus that that Rangie raced.
  2. I suppose the equivalent would have been an S1 Elise - all 118hp of it. I think the outcome would have been the same as it was with the foci.
  3. if theyre going to sell 300000 they better expand the supercharger system
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  4. Absolutely. There is no public supercharger in my area at all. I know a few model S owners that I've talked to that say that's the biggest issue. There are public charging stations. But they are trickle chargers. So after 30 mins or so. They've only gained 3-4% charge.
  5. I saw a P70D earlier. Really like them. The driver looked very pleased with himself.
  6. Well yeah coz he could please himself while the autopilot takes care of the driving stuff

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