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Discussion in '2002 Ferrari Enzo' started by mafalda, Apr 24, 2003.

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    No i don't, i just glanced at it 4 about a tenth of a second, there are some celicas that cna look like that, i never actually click on them

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    Dude come on NO Celica looks like a supercar....A Celica is a small piece of crap.
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    I thoguht it might of been a photoshopped celica, i only glanced at it...yes i hate celicas also though

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    Lets end this now, NO Celica, body kit or not looks like a supercar, PERIOD lol. And don't reply to this!!!! Lol.
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    Well, I replied to this, what happens next

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    :rolls eyes:
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    You're such a candy ass loser...do u have ne thing else better to do than post on this candy ass car...stop that rolls eyes thing...its dumbass gay bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u #$%#ER

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    You homo, Cellui456 and I are cool....looks like YOU need the life.
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    It is sorta amusing to see what he has to say, i is very random tohugh.
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    Corvette is still faster. 427 TT.
    I love ferrari. But Chevy still has a faster
    car. This is most definitly the best looking car

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    The Ligerfelter TT Vette is a "tuner car" first of all. A friend of mine has one, they run mid 11's, a little slower then the Enzo Ferrari (11.1 sec). There was a test a few months back of one that had revised gear ratios (that KILLED the top speed) and had SLICKS and SKINNIES on it. So that car has been alterated to say the least. And while it may be quick in a straight line don't try to turn or stop with that set-up lol. Even a regular Lingenfelter TT Vette when compared to a Enzo Ferrari (or other supercars) can't hang overall. Its handling and braking don't measure up. Acceleration isn't everything you know. :)
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    The Lingenfelter doesnt actually do 0-60 in 1.97 seconds thoguh does it, because that sounds messed.

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    Not the "regular" tuner car, they made ONE DRAG CAR, with a full drag setup that does it around that. It has crazy gearing and only does like 150 mph due to the "drag gears". The car was totally gutted out and is strictly a race car. One seat, roll cage, slicks, skinnies, parachute and all. To say the least the car can't turn very well lol.
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    Why did you ban bumbum...he didn't do anthing wrong

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    I didn't ban him, I am not a admin or mod. He was banned because of some stupid comments I guess. We know this is the same person by the IP address. If you behave you will have no problems here.
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    yes i refuse to behave lol....ahh bung dung wung dung who flung da dung...lol im just kidding dont ban me
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    enzo anyone?
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    Shut up with the "Enzo anyone?"
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    #%^% u...every one wants one

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    Test by Autocar

    Grow up, or your gonna get banned too.
    Just leave the guy alone.
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    no more spamming for me....can we talk bout cars now????
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    Sure dude, whats ur favorite car
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    ferrari enzo...me personly...i like red 4 the color but still...any color is good cause its the enzo
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    Yes, my favorite car is probably either the Enzo or the new Cobra R....the enzo in red, thats disgusting, black or blue or white

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