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    I've seen the MG in action at the DC Grand Prix. Only the Audi's and a Panoz beat it. It beat another Panoz and both Caddies and everything in it's class by a huge margin. This car has the ability to take on the 900 class cars with a little more refinement, it's only the 3rd year of development on the track. At 1400 lbs with 450 hp we have a power to weight ration of about 666 hp/ton, not far off from the R8's 680 hp/ton.

    As for the new GT/40 debacle. The original GT40 was a Le Mans car. It was built by Henry Ford II to prove to the world that Ford was able to build a serious road car to compete with Enzo's domination of the mid-60's Le Mans. The GT/40 was a Lola chassis car (like this MG) and won three years straight I believe. This new GT/40 is NOT a Le Mans car. It is a street image car for Ford. It could never compete in the LMP classes for it is not a purpose built prototype. And as for the GT classes, it has to sell more than a token production to compete against the Vette, S7, 550M, and Viper. If Ford DOES get serious about racing the GT/40, it will not be for several years I would think. Even then, the GT/40 would not beat an LMP car. Ever.

    The guy is a dipshit-moron. Lolas are very good racing cars. I love the old T-70's most of all.
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    This board has more cripple fights then anywhere I've ever been on the internet. Shouldn't you know SOMETHNING about cars before you post?


    F1 has got to be the second most boring racing i have ever seen next to nascars man nascars is so crap i mean 200 od laps on an oval its BORING!!!! why do all the F1 cars look the same???? apart from the livery obviously.

    British sportscars are my favorite like come on the TVR T350 is one of the most beautiful cars i av ever seen i think the MG lola is wickked but i support TEAM BENTLY now that is a nice car. and what about the lotus elise 111s thats nice and the beast of all machine the AUSTIN ROVER MINI COOPER!!!!!!!! man thats phat. the westfield xtr 2 is good as well id love 2 drive one of them 2 the shops that would be a laught.

    the aston vanquish and db7 r also very nice


    This dude is a total piece of shit to bash Lola. Lola makes GREAT race cars!

    So while this EXCELLANT race car had some pit problems, the R8, which has not changed in EIGHT YEARS, sucks, and it would never beat the BMW V12 LMR.
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    this post is very old please disregard this post please

    I just thought that I'd let you all know that the majority of F1 cars are made in the uk these are Williams McLaren Jordan Jaguar Renault Toyota BAR. They are made in the uk because the british know how to make the best racing cars. The British are the best designers and make the best handling cars proof that the british are the best os proved by the fact that Bentley came 1st and 2nd at Le Mans this year because they were faster than anyone else and more reliable (not one problem occured with either car at any tie in the race) and who came behind the brits the germans of course.Also the fact that the british are the best car makers in the world is proved again because most of the champcars are made by lola in the uk and the british hav held the fastest production car speed record for a decade (the mclaren f1 which was built by mclaren by the way not lotus and even the BMW engines were built in Britain)and lets not forget who created the firt banked race circuit the british (Brooklands in the 1920's which was unfortunately destroyed in the second world war)and if any of you know anything about cars then you will know that all of this is correct and by the way the fastest car from 0-60mph is also british.

    I beleive that currently Ferrari is winning in the Manufactures race....In Points anyway. My point is that...well, I don't know what my point is, just wanted to correct you. And as for the retarded Toddler who says that British cars suck, what about the XJ220, XJR-15, Mclaren F1, F1 LM, F1 GT, F1 GTR, Speed twelve, Lotus GT1? They all suck? I think not...Maybe you should get your facts straight(as in a L-I-N-E -------) before you open your mouth(M-O-U-T-H <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    YOUR DUMBASS POST IS ONE OF THE DUMBEST THINGS EVER THOUGHT OF IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! I'm going to put that on the first page of a book entitled "Things Only Idiots Would Say". I guess being a supercar "messiah" doesn't really describe your total knowledge of cars; just how many retarded things you type.

    Please check for vacancy at your local psycho ward......I'm sure they can squeeze you in.

    you spanner.

    i find this website to be a steady source of annoyance, when people profess facts and information to be true when they are actually talking out of their anal passage

    out of all the constructor teams in formula one, the following are british or are based in britain, where they can make use of british motorsport expertise.

    Mclaren (woking, england.)
    Williams (oxfordshire, england.)
    Jordan (oxfordshire, england.)
    British American Racing (oxfordshire, england.)
    Jaguar (milton keynes, england.)
    Renault (oxfordshire, england.)

    that leaves ferrari, minardi (both italian), toyota (japanease) and sauber (swiss)

    ....and i think you will find that mercedes, for instance, don't actually build the engines that mclaren use in there formula one cars.

    if you knew anything about motorsport you would know that mclaren use engines built by a british company called ilmor and then mercedes pay to be associated with the team. it's called sponsorship.

    and you mentioned that jaguar is owned by ford, that much is true, but it's still a british team based in england. ford wouldn't be able to keep the team running if they moved it to america.

    even renault - a french team, have all their formula one chassis designed and built over the british channel in enstone, oxfordshire, england, because thats where its at - "motorsport valley".

    you'll find that most of the champ cars and indy cars raced in america are also designed and built over here. the yank teams just buy them, and race them and send them back when they need to be repaired or replaced. basically, they can change wheels and tyres and put fuel in it, maybe change a nose cone or a rear wing, then anything else is too complicated!

    German Cars?


    Ouch, you forgot to name Aston Martin. They make some of the best British cars such as the V12 Vanquish and the V8 Vantage. British makes the best and im American and im still proud of saying it, lol.

    forgive me if im wrong but i think that the Rover 75 was developed under BMW ownership anyway... and its not a bad car either. I think the problem with people not recognising British engineering lies in the size of the companies, they dont do mass export because its too expensive. And Lotus sounds a bit Italien if you ask me and i thought the McLaren F1 was german because of the F1 team using Mercades engines until i got more of an interest.
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