Testing at the Ring - your favorite?

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  1. ZR1 and SL interest me the most, the Camaro a little. I don't give a #$%# about the Aston or GTR.
  2. Black Series which is a 65 not 63
  3. The LF-A makes the GT-R look that much more ugly.
  4. GT-R and Aston.
    GT-R for engineering, dorky Japanese stuff and looks.
    Aston for classic looks and classic V12 powerplant and classic Britisch underperformance.
  5. typo, sorry
  6. GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR the GTAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRRR they wont leave porsche alone know will they and get this through your head's GTR fan's what nissan claim's about the GTR's performance is manufactor claim BULL CRAP.oh yeah and lexusszzzzzzzzzzzz gggaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it's bad enough there not mindin there own buisness with the lexus is-failure lol tryin to take down the BMW M3 and the M3 is already havin a a hard time takin out the merc C63 AMG and the audi RS4 wich is what the M3 already DOES!!!!! and just why cant lexus LEAVE BMW ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i have heard about lexus tryin to make a super car called the LFA PPPHHHHHH give um break plezzzzzzz!!!!!! it's bad enough nissan wont shut up about the GTR know lexus is coming up with this LFA!!! my reaction to the Lexus LFA and the nissan GTR is get lost!!!!!!!.and with aston martin's there to heavy and their's no power well there is some power but not enough and for some reason the aston martin's gorgeous look's and world class high class interior some how make up for pathetic performance rather than the ugly eeeeeeehhhhhhhh lexus LFA concept and the nissan GTR eeeeehhhhhhhhh know i am praying they dont make they dont make the lexus LFA concept the lexus isf is bad enough not minding it's own buissness and i just cant stand the GTR and about the camaro come on it's not desiged to go round a track fast the new camaro is a poor qaulity mucle car just like the mustang and challenger that even a buck banginn more fuel iffcient more practical subaru wrx'mitsubishi lancer ralliart'mazda 3 grand touring'volkwagon golf gti'mini cooper or even a honda civic si could KICK a camaro'mustang(even any shelby mustang) or challenger's big fat but's so come on it was pointless adding a mucle car to the list.And then their's the mercede's SL65 AMG black serie's that's a fairly good car but the problem with that is that the power you get in the merced's SL65 AMG black serie's is decent but it's just to dang heavy!!!!!!!! i mean it's allmost 2 ton's.and know here's the decent car i voteded for the corvette ZR1 with a true lap at the nurburgring of 7.22.4 and know here's a real sport's car supercharged to 638hp this is my favorate car the corvette ZR1.
  7. must.... kill.... it.....must... kill...
  8. SL and Camaro
  9. the corvette by far the best car of them
  10. the ZR1 IS the fastest, it compleated the N'ring in 7:22.4

    ZR1 for me
  11. 7:22 time was just a lie. get off the lie boat you dumb ass.

    the spec-v laps the ring in 7:20 unofficially.

    zr1 is a great car, but the dodge viper acr woops its arse big time!
  12. the viper ACR is also a much more hardcore car than the ZR1.
  13. 7:20 what a load of shit show proof
  14. there was no 7:20 for the spec-v, only an estimated 7.25
  15. I can't believe the Camaro was included in this poll. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>
  16. it will never compeat with these cars im just as suprised as are
  17. Viper ACR still whoops you!
  18. furtunatly for me, vipers are some of my favuorite cars

    BTW, it whoops you too
  19. Aston Martin FTW!
  20. I am not interested whether a car tests at the ring or not....Read James May's article in the latest Top Gear as to why...cos I tend to agree with him on this...My car (RS Clio 172) seems to have been able to do somewhere in the region of 8min 40 with a set of sticky tyres but it is faster in the real world of overtaking slower traffic, driving narrow country roads, potholes and any number of obstructions you care to name, not to mention just plain sticking within the road markings rather than taking the racing line through and hitting the Apex on every corner. They should test on real world roads rather than just going to the ring hiring it out with a test driver who has more talent than most and tuning the car to do the track circuit rather than every day driving. I love going fast round tracks as much as anyone but not at the loss of handling feel and that feel good factor that one gets when the grip isn't so good and the quality of road isn't as great as the N'ring.
  21. meh they dont do much for me
  22. The problem is that feel good factor on a public road is about as subjective as you can get.

    This has gotten down to physics basically.
    The Nurburgring times are strictly about testing the limits of the machines against the stop watch using the best drivers available but remember that when talking about the best times, this test is about the cars, not the feelings of the driver or if he is having fun.
    I wouldn't change a thing. To see some of the top cars just seconds apart on such a huge track is pretty amazing.

    If your Clio is amazing on your roads in the REAL roads, I still don't want it over a rough riding Z06. You understand I'm sure
  23. MC12 - Enzo - Zonda F CS - CCX - Carrera GT

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