Texas explosion

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  2. Nothing bad ever happens to/around me. At what point is it okay to start believing that's not a coincidence?
  3. you mean the explosions, or that they havent happened to you...

    Because you're some kind of crazy if you think that because you've never been around some state of emergency, its more than a coincidence. Living in the midwest has its perks.
  4. I linked the department of homeland security to this thread. Expect a visit soon. We know you did it.
  5. that explosion was ridiculously massive!
  6. un-cut

    You know that the media has better footage. They just don't want to show you people being vaporized.
  7. that videos intense. slowing the video down, the fireball engulfs it in like a frame. thats in like 50ms

    and fertilizer bombs are "slow"
  8. Good #$%#ing lord.
    I'm so TIRED of explosions.
  9. What's up with buildings in Waco catching on fire?
  10. !!
  11. like redneck moths to a flame.
  12. That's what I'm saying! Midwest people have less crazies, piss people off less, don't go hanging out near fertilizer fires, don't even have fertilizer fires. worst thing that happens out here is we get too much rain and it floods or a roof caves in. We don't take buildings over capacity and kill a bunch of people in the floor below or anything. We just don't seem to engage in whatever it is other people do to get themselves bombed and squished or swept into the ocean.

    We had one school shooting and sometimes a white girl goes missing that you hear about. And chicago might have a gun violence issue.. but that's it. no "tragedies".
  13. That's one good father right there.

  14. Also the advice NB gave to me about playing with ammonium nitrate was quite sound, it seems.
  15. That guy is pretty dumb for bringing his daughter there.
  16. The fire that was that bright / big was a clue at what was about to happen
    poor guy
  17. Oxidizers eh
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  19. it is possible that girl really lost her hearing?
  20. A pressure wave that can level buildings can also level your eardrums.
  21. Not necessarily. It looks pretty much the same as any other industrial fire you might see. That said, it might have been a good idea for officials to let people know that if a fire ever breaks out at the place where all the ammoium nitrate is held that you might want to back the #$%# up instead of going in to film it.
  22. but he wanted to tag himself on FB filming that shit
  23. The footage is pretty cool...but not worth his daughter's safety.
  24. Meh

    People that stupid shouldn't be allowed to reproduce anyway

    It's good that their offspring die before they reach sexual maturity

    Nature taking care of things n' shit
  25. Texas Explosion sounds like a Dennys breakfast special or a sex move ..

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