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  1. The Mclaren F1 was the greatest car of its time and in my view still is. Yes at last it’s been beat, so they say. But no car has or will be made as good as the F1 you just got to face it. The Bugatti is fast but the F1 is getting old and still up there as one of the fastest. It’s the car, which ended the supercar line until 2001. No one dared to make a car to beat the F1. Don’t get me wrong I like all of the other supercars Ferrari Enzo, Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Diablo, Jaguar XJ220 and many more.

    The Mclaren F1 is like the Mercedes Benz 300SL of the 50s it set the way for all other supercars to follow.
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    Ahmen brother.
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    a man with good taste
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    damn right
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    The man knows, and knows well.
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    Just thought it needed to be done to protect it from some of the idiots on here.

    But really this car shouldn't need protecting its the Mclaren F1
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    it reigned for a while, but its time is done
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    All kings must at the end give up their throne.
    All supercars must also.
    But those kings are always remembered.
    And so is the McLaren F1.

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    But just think what they could do now if they made another car to set the same point, to be the fastest and the most advanced car in the world. The new Mercedes by Mclaren isnt setting that point. Its more for sales, derivability, and comfort.
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    McLaren is concentrating solely on F1 now, they're trying to catch up to Ferrari, which they probably never will, so I don't see a new McLaren coming in the next four years.
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    except for the one thats coming out next year - the Mercedes Vision SLR, the chassis of which is designed and built by McLaren
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    Well, yeah, but that won't be a contender to the great supercars which have beat the McLaren F1. What are the performance figures of that new SLR?
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    1st off, there are no supercars that have beaten the F1, it is still the fastest production car ever made

    2ndly, the SLR will be very VERY quick. The production version will have 580hp, a fairly huge 590lbft and weigh the same as a Z06

    performance will be 0-60 in about 3.7, 0-100 in about 8, 1/4 in the high 11s. It wont be too far behind the Enzo once it gets going, 100-150 etc

    performance isnt really the point though, its the best looking car ever made, thats enough for me
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    Well, the McLaren f1 may still have the highest top speed and 0-60 times out of all regular production cars, but it isn't the fastest around a racetrack anymore. The Enzo has beaten it, although not officially. The McLaren SLR will have great straight-line speed and accelleration, but it probably won't be able to contend with cars like the Enzo and other rear-engine cars on the racetrack, since front-engines impair speed on racetracks. Let's not get into another argument, though.
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    u better not tell Don Panoz that front engined cars arent very good around racetracks

    the Enzo hasnt officially or unofficially beaten the F1 around a track since theyve never been tested on the same course
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    do you suppose that chevy will make a rally car?
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    Back to this point. Yes I love the Veyron, and being an american my favorite of all time is the Viper (yes , I know it doesn't even compare to any european supercar, and it extremely warm and uncomfortable in the cockpit) But Ahmen. The F1, I agree, is the greatest supercar of all time and will be for a long time to come.. and you can't really say it WAS the greatest car of its time, because in my eyes it still is the F1's time. And for the record.. I despise the Sledgehammer 'Vette. If they're gonna count that for the fastest car ever they might as well include the rockey cars they race in the desserts.
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    hey bugatti fan the nhl cup will be the bruins vs. stars, but anyway its not really the mclarens time anymore. its still a great supercar but it is getting older and older and it has been beat.
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    Wrong. Just plain wrong.

    Stars vs. Canucks<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Hmmm. don't take this personally but, it's time to face it rather than saying what your personal favorite is! The numbers imply that this car is the upcoming "real deal", and has the ability to beat the F1! Stating your personal preference means jack when it comes to the numbers. If it's of any consolation to you, when another car comes along and beats the 16/4 there will be many like yourselves saying "I think the Bugatti Veyron 16/4 is the best car ever made!" just like the XJ220 before the McLaren F1 and the Lamborghini Diablo before it.
    I just think the 16/4 should have been able to beat the F1 without 4 turbos to be truely better! But if it comes from the factory with 4 turbos...hey stock is stock!
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    Numbers? We barely have any, including things such as weight, which is possibly one of the biggest factors, but judging by the luxury interior and the engine, it might point that the Veyron may not be as track bound as the Mclaren. The Mclaren weighs only 2500lbs, and I'm going to take a guess and say this car will be at least 1000lbs heavier than this. This will hurt both braking and cornering, and might be the reason the Veyron will not succeed on a track against the Mclaren. It's all speculation at this point, so why not throw in your preference?
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    I totally agree, not just b/c Im a huge fan of the F1, but b/c it's true that it IS STILL the F1's time, beat or unbeat, it's still its time...For a lot of cars having ended in their time has only been the result of looking at 5.0 sec used being real fast, such as in the 70s and 80s...of course, the F40 is still in its time, but barely; in reality, I do have to agree that the Veyron does have the capability to beat the F1 easily...the thing is, is that for production regulations, Bugatti HAD to lower the 1st and 2nd gears just a little to meet speed regulations; to thoses who want to talk about STOCK power, we are looking at a nonaspirated V12 and a twin turbo W16...the fact is, is without the twins, it would be hard to say if it would be able to beat the F1 with higher gear output b/c we dont have any background information to back up anything for that...we can only say that it is not a fair fight for the F1 to match with a car that has aspiration and high tuning when it does not have those things, which is what makes the F1 so great, and THAT IS WHY IT IS STILL IN ITS TIME.
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    LOL I was just reffering to Zavet's NHL predictions, not to the rest of his post.
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    I luv F1 but even if I like it more then Veyron I have to respect the idea that F1 is beat bad in 3 years F1 would be partialy history to all the lovers because 30% of PRO F1 went for Veyron because you get seduced by Veyron when you see 1001!!!
    I first heard of it in a F60 article before it was named ENZO,and it sayd "this car dosent catch F1's 680 and Veyron 1001"!!!so I leaned on bed and sayd "this car beats the Fzr from NFS 2!!!!
    Lets just say I am 50% to be PRO Veyron!!!
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    That man deserves a DB

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