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  1. For reviewing the Super America thingie. Some n00b-members seemed to have needed that. Seriously.
  2. very true, now we are talking true Ferrari Heritage
  3. Yeah, very interesting that SC done that. I realy liked the idea of the game, Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed, you go through most of the Porsches and learn their charachteristics and time line. I wish EA would make Ferrari Unleashed, ferrari has many models from old to brand new. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> that would be amazing to play.
  4. Yeah that would be fun, drive ferraris from 125 to 612 scaglitetti...
    Ahh must post this idea to EA!
  5. Imagine the race cars they could throw in....
    A run down of F1 cars through the years and other racers from Le-man
    and so forth.When Porsche challenge came out I thought EA would brign out
    a differert brand.would be awesome.Hope someone from EA has a squize
    at this thread....

    I love the 70's F1 Ferrari's,that would be my highlight.
  6. Interesting stuff, it was all new to me. You should definately do more of this kind of thing. Very cool.
  7. How about this for a game- Need For Speed, Ferrari vs. Porsche. Settle a lot of discussions on the track in evertying from road cars to F1

    I could race a 512S against a 917k all day...

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