that white gumball xj220 isnt a S

Discussion in '1994 Jaguar XJ220 S TWR' started by JOEVXR, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. if you look at the proper TWR at the rear for one theres different spoilers and the white one has a cutaway in the rear quarter panel where the spoiler goes, whereas the twr has a smoothe quarter panel and just the bigger spoiler.

    i think the owner is just calling it a S, although it might have the TWR tuned engine in a standard xj220 shell?

    tell me if you know
  2. I'm not sure, but i saw it yesterday at the Huntington Beach stop of the rally (across the street from where i work) and touched the rear wing. Was surprised and stoked to see it in person, i think the first time i've seen and heard an XJ220.
  3. The car is not an 'S' but a copy to some extent.
    The rear spoiler is a dead giveaway, being the standard XJ220 low style. A real "S" has a quite high spoiler moulded into the rear wings.
    The owner has changed the front to perhaps an aftermarket 'S' style nose cone and splitter / lights and removed the standard XJ220 side rubber mouldings. Rims are standard XJ220 also.
    There were only 5 official XJ220 S's made - this is not one.
  4. good, hate to see a "s" impersonated...didnt realise that it's maximillions.
  5. Seems to be a few upgraded standard XJ220 about - The gumball XJ220 has been white and matt black over the last several years. Here is another upgraded car - looking at the windscreen sticker "Don Law Racing" - perhaps Don is upgrading to the sharper look for owners. He is based in the UK and services, upgrades and races the XJ220 along with other Jaguar racers.
  6. Digging further, here is another shot of the same upgraded car - you can just make out the rego, which matches the gumball S45 MCW. Mystery solved perhaps?

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