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Discussion in '2000 Jaguar XK180 Concept' started by RLQ, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Why dont Jag use this engine horsepower in there XKR cars.
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    good question..<!-- Signature -->
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    The reason that this engine version is not used in the XKR is because it has been stripped of the all the equipment to pass emmison laws and noise levels.<!-- Signature -->
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    that, and this is meant to be a purebred supercar...much like its predecessor, the e-type...
  5. Build it!

    If Jaguar would just take their heads out of their asses and build this thing, maybe then they would finally start making some profit.

    All they have now are a coupe and a convertible that were ugly when they were launched years ago, and wich are still ugly even after a major revamp a year ago. They have a new XJ that looks almost exactly the same as the previous model, a but-ugly S-type and an x-type thats aimed at younger buyers, but it looks like a miniature XJ designed for 60-year old people.

    But there is hope: The lads from SVO have designed an XKR-R (a Jaguar GT3 if you will) with a manual six-speeder. The German tuner Nothelle has transformed an X-type into what should be the future X-type R.

    Jaguar's problem is that it has got no more image. And without image, no sales.

    So Jaguar, take some advice from a 21 year old car junkie: BUILD THE XK180!!!!!
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    Personally, my favorite Jag is the XJ220 series. That line is sweet ass! This car does have some good power though. I wonder how fast it goes.
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    This jaguar is ugly, it has nothing on the XKR/8, XJ220, X-Type and S-Type. I think it would be a complete mistake to produce this car.
  8. No it's not ugly.

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