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  2. That guy even has Michael Shumacher's F1 car <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A>
  3. Seriously - just a few minutes and I've changed my view on supercars completely. This guy doesn't car, he just wants to drive drive drive - no matter what! Great mindset <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  4. i said this the first time this video was posted, im going to say it again. Taking a Maserati MC12 (or any equal type of supercar) through those types of conditions is stupid and flagrant.
  5. that's what i would do
  6. this is what Brits do to Italian supercars
  7. ive seen this before, u sure its the first time posted? either way, nice seeing it again but this car is by no means slower then an enzo, its also [slightly] lighter, stupid brits
  8. at least, the cars are being driven, and not stalled in some garage...
  9. not driving your car where u want to cause ur a stupid little pussy is also stupid and flagrant, i say good on him, he knows how to have fun.
  10. Oh yes, I saw this on TV. Insane.
  11. Ya I seen it before and props to the man for driving it.
  12. But once it was free! It was drivable!

  13. hahaha the question to win a car

    What is 4x4 a common way of referring to?
    c) four steering wheels

  14. Ya its a money making and almost like a survery type scam. Funny thought not most would notice.
  15. He knows how to destroy a very expensive, rare and very desirable car. I say he should do what he did to my 1993 T-bird. It's way more fun.
  16. That guy is my idol! Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. That is my auto mentality, brings back lovely memories of when I bought my first cool car. It is an 88 IROC-Z, while not a maserati GT car, story is similar. Day after I bought it, I had to take it on an 8 hour trip but problem was that we recieved from no snow the day before (anywhere, hadn't snowed yet that winter even though was easter) to 6 inches of blizzarding snow when I was leaving. Well, summer performance tires be damned and 14 hours later with only once in the ditch, I reached my destinations. Ahh, I love cars so!
  17. He knows how to enjoy himself. I still would've done it in a cheaper car though.
  18. Hmmm. To the average member, paying say, a few thousand on a car and thrashing shit out of it and driving it without any real regard for its livelihood is acceptable, and if you've got a huge wad of cash, like this guy does, then escalating to a churn car like a 430 or a Murceilago or similar is acceptable too.

    BUT (and I'm not even an MC12 fan) taking a car like that out to the track he did wasn't reflective of someone (in my opinion) who truely appreciates cars. Yes, it should be driven, and yes it should be driven hard, but really cars like the Enzo and the MC12 aren't built for a slushy icey thrash around some dump of a track. Yes, its new, and Maserati would be able to repair the damage easy enough but to my way of thinking, thats not respecting the ethos of Maserati. Sure, he paid for it, its his to do what he wants with, but if he really did mean what he said about loving Maserati, he would be just as respectful of them and their work as they were of him as a customer and not treat the car they built him as simply and object that moves.
  19. Waaaah I'm retarded!

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