The 05 Mustang Engine Concerns

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Jadotch, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. Is anyone else concerned with Fords Choice in the engine the are using in the new Mustang GT?

    Heres why I am, the ease of supercharging. It is a Aluminium Block, running high compressions. Not the best formula for supercharging the engine.
  2. They arnt supercharging it? I am sure if they supercharge the Cobra they will lower the compression, they arn't that dumb.
  3. hes talking about aftermarket i imagine.

    anyone who wants to run any real boost would get differnt pistons with even 9.5:1 compression.
  4. I had the same concern. The higher compression makes it more of a nitrous motor than a blower one but the ls1 guys have been able to put blowers on their high compression motors with good success even though the psi is relatively low.
  5. I think the roots charger will only be pushing 5-10 psi, so I doubt there should be much concern unless the engine is pushing 100k+ miles.
  6. I thought it was an iron block?
  7. In the 05's its Aluminium.
  8. Since 1996, the only iron block has been in the '03/'04 Cobras.
  9. They are not making a supercharged Mustang till 07 from what I been hearing. If they do It will most likey have an iron block and low compression (current Cobra's have 8.5:1 CR) to take advantage of the power a supercharger can produce. High compression on a blown engine does not make much sense.
  10. yea, for 2003 they switched to an iron block for strength. to everyone else, everyone knows this, so shut it.

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