The 100 Greatest Drivers' Cars.

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  1. Well I still disagree with someone calling it a "driver's car".

    An MX-5 is a driver's car, so is a Caterham or an Ariel Atom.

    And weight has nothing to do with it, I think the EB110 should have been rated a lot higher, and it's nearly 1.8 tons.
  2. I read that article in 2005. One of my favorite articles.
  3. Evo aren't exactly just someone. They have first-hand experience with these cars, taking many on road and on track. Their comments about the GT-R are echoed by others who have done the same. It's not by accident or coincidence that their opinions are closely mirrored by others. For example, Performance Car magazine, AutoExpress, Autocar and Car magazine all rated the GT-R at or near the top in their comparos last year. None were based solely on circuit lap times, and even if they were, the GT-R still would not necessarily have won. Why do you suppose that is?
    So you disagree with them, despite having no experience in a GT-R. OK. Does that sound the least bit like bias to you?

    An MX-5 being a driver's car does not preclude another car from also being considered a driver's car.
    What makes the EB110 more worthy of being a driver's car than the GT-R?

    A Yugo has far less computer assistance than a GT-R. Based on the criteria you've given so far (based soley on the level of computer assistance), that makes the Yugo by default a superior driver's car. Ask yourself if you really want to believe that.
  4. What I'm saying is that a driver's car is a car that should challenge the driver's skill, without being utterly bad.

    The EB110 is a beast to handle around a track (once again, I haven't driven it, but simple logic comes to that conclusion), being able to pull off a good lap in such car would feel rewarding, and this is what I believe should be a driver's car.
  5. So less sorted out and harder car to drive is the best driver's car? that sound like an oxymoron to me.
  6. Man I just RLQ'ed the shit out of that. But I'll leave it
  7. Alright let me put it this way.

    What makes a good game?

    A game that's overly easy to go through where you slaughter everything without feeling challenged at all?

    Or a game that's challenging, just enough to keep you on your toes and makes it rewarding, but not frustrating to get to the ending?

    ...In before LOLZ VIDE0GAMEZ ARENT REALZ!!1!
  8. What the hell? one thing has nothing to do with the other. If I'm driving a car at a racetrack I want one that gives a great feeling of the road, that's rewarding to drive but not so impossible that it drains the hell out of me in trying to keep it going in a straight line. Every magazine has raved about the GT-R being responsive, rewarding and fun to drive. I would take their word over yours any day, all you've driven is racing simulators that cost 30$ at the store.
  9. Where do you draw the line between challenging a driver's skill and being utterly bad? It sounds like you are aribitrarily deciding a car isn't a driver's car, even though it fits your definitions.

    As has been said, the GT-R *is* rewarding to drive. When driven beyond 8/10ths, it's challenging to drive like many other driver's cars, and will punish poor throttle and steering inputs accordingly. On top of this, it tests the driver's resolve to actually take each corner faster than the last. This has been echoed in reviews on multiple continents. Show me a reputable review that says it's not rewarding, and I can probably show you five that say the opposite.
  10. basically a 944 so we can be happy
  11. i see what you are saying, but your argument is shit.

    something isnt more of a drivers' car because it is harder to drive - it's just more inaccessible.
  12. It is a list with 100 cars, but not a top-100... I am sure that all the journalists that participated in the making of this list would take and Enzo over and Alfasud or a 993 GT2 over a Peugeot 306 still the Peugeot and the Alfa are better placed...Obviously a supercar cannot be compared with a hothatch or a car from present day with a car from the 1960's...

    The list is a tribute to 100 great cars. Great even considering their price and their age.....

    Look at the Top-10. All segments obviously had to have a representative in there: Present supercar, 90's supercar, ultra light weight, hot hatch, classis sports car etc....

    There is in one obvious consistent tendency in the list: The top end is very much dominated by Ferraris...
  13. I love the fact there are so many french hot hatches in the lineup - especially Renaultsport variants.
  14. Among all the well known 200mph modern exotic cars starting from the late 80's (with the exception of race cars converted for street use like CLK GTR and Porsche GT1), the SLR seems to be the only one that isn't included on the list.
  15. Renault is probably the coolest manufacturer of cheap cars in the world. Together with Alfa and Lancia...
  16. I would rank the New Beetle on this.
    I think its a thrill to drive.
  17. new beetles drive like dogshit. My sister owned one.
  18. Would you rank it as a better car to drive than the Toyota MR2 Mk1? Since that's the last place car on this list.
  19. reading this thread again, i think it's safe to say that Divine Rage is an idiot
  20. I'm surprised the MX-5 is ranked this high. Now I'm thinking of buying one. It's the most affordable car in the top 10 list. A used one in good condition can be baught for $7000 USD.
  21. Light weight, great balance, IRS, club racing heritage, etc.

    The Miata/MX-5 is a fantastic driver's car with nimble handling and easily controllable power (read: slow). This is why it has been one of America's favorite entry-level trackday cars for more than a decade. Check out SCCA spec Miata racing. It's some of the best grassroots racing out there.
  22. Like a top heavy golf
  23. lol @ ford puma
  24. hey everyone, look! someone who doesn't know what they're talking about!

    The Ford Puma is great fun to drive
  25. I still remember when it was just out, there was a 12 month wait between ordering and receiving the car. Mad waiting lists.

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