The 100 Greatest Drivers' Cars.

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  1. top gear car of the year in 1997 as well
  3. can some one post the text they wrote about the F50 pleaseeeeeeeee
  4. What do you do autophile?
  5. It should be behind the Makinen though.
  6. "Screaming into equal seventh place at 9000rpm is – and this might be a shock – the Ferrari F50. ‘Old school’ was a phrase used by most and ‘wide’ was another word that cropped up a lot. ‘It is very hard, noisy and mechanical, but unerringly honest and communicative,’ says Vivian, before declaring it ‘a proper, hairy-balled supercar’. Which goes some way to explaining why Hayman loved it and has it third on his list (written on the back of a packet of Lambert & Butler)."

    They might have said more in the actual magazine, I'll check later and scan it if so.
  7. Lots missing from the list/euro bias
  8. So which cars are missing in your opinion?
  9. He's driven all the cars on this list and a lot of them wouldn't have made the cut if he was running things.
  10. pretty bad list
  11. Why?
  12. who cares it looks bad
  13. QFT
  14. You're probably not even old enough to *** yet, let alone drive.

  15. I know I'm a noob but how can they make a list with NSX and Integra and forget about the S2000? I mean Best Motoring used to have huge orgasms about the car when it came out.
  16. It's cool, making random assumptions feels good, right? BTW, you're way off...
  17. go drive a puma #%$
  18. Cool. Man, this place is so positive...
  19. Well, I have more fun driving my buddy's beat to shit 89 Corolla with a 5spd and straight pipes than my S14. what a #$%#ing turd but oh so fun to bang around in
  20. F50 as the highest ranking Ferrari? Dare I ask why?

  21. thsi is one of the worst threads i have ever read

    you #%$s havnt driven any of these cars
  22. ive driven quite a few of them.
    heck, I own #51 :p
  23. BECAUSE IT'S THE F50 YOU #$%#!
  24. F40, F430, Enzo?
  25. Lame lamer lamest.

    Viva la F50!

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