The 100 Greatest Drivers' Cars.

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  1. bullshit list, written by a dumb#$%#.

  2. Incorrect.
  3. n00b
  4. wut? I think it's a pretty good list
  5. Explain?
  6. Like DivineRange, he has spent much time coming to conclusions on how cars would perform around a track, based on their performance figures and the level of computer assistance they provide. This is all without actually ever setting foot in the cabin of said cars. However, he's a car guy, so he knows these things.
  7. I really don't think the list is all that bad, what I can say is that the few cars on the list I have driven really are fun. Especially #51 on a snow covered trail up in Big Bear, most fun I have had behind the wheel and the closest I came to killing myself in a car at the same time...
  8. Those cars, minus the F430, were compared to the F50.
  9. Awesome issue.
  10. The list is the laughting stock because:

    1. Mclaren F1 is not in top ten.

    2. Ferrari 430 Scuderia is not in top ten.

    3. Ranking of last MR2(ZZW30) higher than the earliest MR2 (AW11)
  11. And you drove these cars when exactly?
  12. Dodge Neon RT Longnecker Edition
  13. Powered by faith and a general sense of self superiority.
  14. and repaired by god
  15. it stoped being mine when i saw the 612, god i love that car
  16. I dunno about the Scud or the MR2 and I haven't driven any of these, but the F1 supposedly had vague steering feel from the front end.
  17. nice
  18. Vague steering, twitchiness and lots of body roll.

    That engine would overrule everything though, so you could forgive it.

    Still one of the most brilliant cars ever made.

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