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    but anyways someone contiue with the forum...
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    nice topic +1
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    Does anyone a scan of the entire Essais Auto article? Maybe the text could provide an answer to their strange performance figures.
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    Actually one of the Batmobiles was a modified Mercedes SL600 believe it or not!!
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    GREAT NEWS! I just got my July 2003 issue of Road & Track, and there's a bright red new Enzo on the cover! They did a 1500-mile independent road test of it, and here's what they got:

    0-60 mph in 3.28 seconds (best they ever tested)
    0-100 in 6.6 seconds (best they ever tested)
    Quarter mile: 11.1 seconds at 133.0 mph (best they ever tested)
    Skidpad: 1.10 g
    Braking 80-0 mph: 188 ft. (best they ever tested)
    Slalom: 73.0 mph (best they ever tested)

    Whereas, the Mclaren F1 and Saleen S7, as tested by R&T, got, respectively:

    0-60 in 3.4 and 3.30
    0-100 in 7.7 and 8.9
    Quater mile: 11.6 at 125 and 11.8 at 120 mph
    Skidpad: 0.86 and 0.99
    Braking 80-0 mph: 215 and 230
    Slalom: 66.5 and 70.g mph

    Pretty awesome, huh? This site should update their stats. Slap to the Ferrari haterz! :)
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    And by the way, since I'm a new member I can't start threads quite yet, but if someone wants to post my last message about the R&T test of the Enzo as a new thread that would be great, as long as you give me credit for initially posting it.
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    In the Road and Track article, the McLaren tested there was the version converted to meet U.S. emissions standards by Ameritech. The actual European F1 is a small amount faster, and has been tested at 3.2 secs to 60 and i believe 6.3 to 100.
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    "That" F1 was not a legal street car, but the XP5 prototype: no one F1 can touch 240 mph and these performances.

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    XP5 prototype is production ready and very similar to production model.
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    But it's still just a prototype and not fully tested yet. Most importantly it is curently the King of Supercars.....For the moment
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    This car is mad
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    It's similar, but similar is not the same...
    Surely no one legal F1 can 240 Mph!

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    To knowledge the XP5 isn't street legal.
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    3.28 sec yes, but they have to round the number incase of radar malfunction. Ferrari's rock. O yeh, don't trust the factory stats on the cars performance. In reality they arent as good and Ferrari says they are because Ferrari lies, lol, j/k. But the Ferrari test track at the straight away has a downwards slope. And that will help the times.

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    Well Autoweek and Motor Trend got 3.1 sec at that same facility. If you say that you don't fully trust it, Road & Track got a 3.3 sec time at their usual test track, that should end any worries. Oh and remember this, slight downhill grade, maybe, BUT in all the tests done at Ferrari there was TWO people in each car....thats about an extra 175+ pounds in each car. So I think that "downhill grade" don't mean anything considering the extra PERSON in the car.
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    i heard somewhere that the 03 was a 10 sec. car. does anybody think thats accurate?

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    What are you talking about the "03"? ALL the production cars are 2003 cars and some will be 2004 cars. The 2002 on this site is WRONG. All they made in 2002 were prototypes and PRE-production cars. The car was introduced in Sept. 2002 so people get confused.

    I have 3 1/4 mile tests so far....11.1/11.1/11.2

    DAMN quick....PERIOD.
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    Alright, im new at this so hear me out

    I understand that some people love ferrari, and that ok. everyone loves their brand of car. but how bout we compare this car to another car, say, an american car (im not even american im dont laugh!)

    Ok, the 800tt dodge hennessey viper for instance?

    dodge smokes it down the quart at 10.7 secs compared to the enzo's LISTED 12's but some magazines claim it can do 11's...ok, 11's it is..the 800tt still beats it.
    the 800tt also guns it in the 0-60 ks, at 2.7 secs, compared to the enzo's acclaimed 3.2..3.3's

    Dodge pushes out an amazing 596 kilos when rolled up onto the dyno, and with a V10 HEmi 487 cu inch,'d hope it could.
    that ferrari has a much smaller V12...doesnt push out nearly that many kilos..

    personally i think the enzo looks like a space aged car and i dont really like it at all...i guess thats completely opinion final point:

    the 800tt is about 160,000...obviously ALOT less then the enzo which i have heard it close to 700,000...

    so really guys, lets face it here...what are you really getting with an enzo?
    A cheaper, american car will kill it in every catergory, and yet you're all still drueling over the much more expensive italian car..
    i think the only reason for everyones obsession with the enzo is that its got a ferrari logo on the front. i GARUNTEE if you all didnt know any better and you saw an 800tt crusing down the street with a big ferrari prancing poofta horse label on it, you'd be drueling all over that too.

    just a thought...
    but hey, i like fords anyway. im just being the voice of reason here.
    THE ENZO IS NOT THE GREATEST CAR OF ALL TIME. the people that say that are ignorant ferrari fanatics with no common sense. OBVIOUSLY it is an extremely good car, but to say its the greatest is extremely far fetched, and i believe ive just proved otherwise.

    cheers boys.

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    Dude you need a clue, the Enzo Ferrari is WAY better then that Dodge POS!!!! So that car is a little quicker 0-1/4 mile. THATS ALL!!!! (By the way 0-60 is a proven 3.1 and 1/4 is a proven 11.1) I read the top speed is alot SLOWER then the Ferrari and it don't HANDLE, BRAKE, OR HAVE ANYWHERE NEAR THE TECHNOLOGY that the Ferrari has!!! I don't like the Enzo Ferrari "Cause it is a Ferrari" as you say, but because it is a GREAT machine, PERIOD!!!! I have driven Vipers, they are rattley, ugly crap. And as far as Hennesey goes I guess you havn't read how he has cheated customers and is getting sued? LOL! And I am in no way against American cars, I have 2 of them. They jsut con't compare, no way.
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    alright, well obviosuly as i said before the enzo is an extremely nice car.
    I used the 800TT as an example...what about the many many other cars in the world that not only beat the ferrari in handling but also performance and breaking capacity.
    My point to you is this: to say that the Ferrari Enzo is the greatest motor car ever conceived is inaccurate.


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    How many other cars from ANY factory really beat it? Answer NONE. A FEW, MIGHT beat it in ONE category maybe, but none have its OVERALL performance, and that is the point as to why so many love this car. It performs great in ALL categories!!!! So that makes it one of the best cars ever made, possibly even the best car ever made.

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